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Are vagina, balls, condom and pads the item words of our times?

Indrani Thakurata
Image credit : Illustrative Image

Bengaluru: The new song by AIB and Kangana is making quite the noise in social media circles, just like most of her interviews. It is hard to ignore any of her interviews—because they are mostly loaded with statements, comparisons, opinions and revelations. Recently she made Aap Ki Adalat with Rajat Sharma a little more famous with her infamous interview. And AIB grabbed this opportunity to ride the Kangana wave with a song loaded with ‘Vagina’. This Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan parody video touches all the right notes–it takes a dig at Karan Johar, Bollywood A listers,especially the Khan trio and ofcourse her lover turned foe Hrithik Roshan. But, just as we like the parody as much as everyone else is–for calling a spade a spade and challenging the conventional bollywood sensibilities, we wonder what is it that is attracting people to the song, yes, you guessed it right. The loaded word ‘vagina’. So, the success of the song boils down to our obsession with vagina, balls and other sexual parts?

“Most songs and dance numbers that have explicit usage of sexual parts are hits. Here the song uses vagina as a central character,using it again and again. That quality itself makes it a most viewed one,” says Prakhar P, Entertainment photographer and trend analyser. Even though Sayantan Das, a fan of the latest video doesn’t really agree with Prakhar’s view, he can’t completely rubbish it too. “There is no denying that we as a country get aroused by any sexual (implied or explicit ) talk, we blame our rapes on songs, videos and cinema sometimes (god help us). Dance and songs with item words like vagina, balls will grab more attention. But, having said that, we do get to see sex in our films nowadays, so we aren’t completely starved to like a video only on the basis of the bold usage. We like it for the fun quotient and how they have been able to say the most uncomfortable things with a song and dance.” He adds, “If you notice carefully, the ideas and the words have all been used in an interview earlier by Kangana,here she merely repeats it with a visual.”

Psychologist Dr Anupama Verma simplifies it for us. “There is no denying that the use of sexual words or expletives in a video or song will grab more attention in our country. But that is because, as a nation we are sexually repressed. We have no open talks about sex–whether it is with our parents or relatives. Words such as vagina, balls, condom or pads are still not used openly. They are still a taboo . basic human nature is, If i stop u to do something u will be more curious to do it- that’s the basic psychology behind sexist talks and the reason for it to grab more attention.”


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