Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Man Utd forward enjoying making critics ‘eat their words’

Manchester United forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic says he wanted to play in the Premier League when his critics thought he was finished so he could prove them wrong.

Ibrahimovic, 35, has scored 17 goals in 27 games since joining United in July.

He said: “Every year the Premier League has been calling me but I wanted to come here when everyone thought I was over the hill.

“They said it would not be possible but I always make them eat their words.”

The Swede scored 50 goals in 2016, second only to Barcelona’s Lionel Messi over the calendar year.

He would have been level with the Argentina forward but had a goal controversially disallowed by referee Lee Mason in Saturday’s 2-1 win over Middlesbrough.

Ibrahimovic said: “Criticism gives me a lot of energy.

“Critics get paid to talk rubbish. I get paid to play with my feet. That is how I enjoy it.”

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