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18 Apr 2024, Edition - 3201, Thursday

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Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2018 Unveiled a Striking New Concept ‘Pride’, Celebrating the Self

by businesswireindia.com

Business Wire India

As a modern iteration of what is new and fiercely sui generis, the 14th edition of the renowned Blenders Pride Fashion Tour celebrates the self and the individual through its extraordinary new concept-‘Pride’. Far removed from the traditional confines of mere success, the tour defines ‘Pride’ as an inner sense of achievement, of uniqueness and of individuality, all the things that are, in fact, meaningful for this generation. These are not mere words; Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2018 is delving into the idea of ‘Pride’ through one’s choices, style and legacy, decoding this journey through the vision of some of India’s most blazingly talented, world-famous fashion designers.
Be it the grandness of vision and breath-taking beauty of Tarun Tahiliani’s creations showcased by his muse Mehr Rampal, or the bewitching spunk and deep glamour of Rohit Bal epitomized by actress Diana Penty, or the mannered and stylish decorum of Ashish N Soni represented by Rajiv Makhni, or indeed the innovative, futuristic enchantment of Gaurav Gupta personified through the immersive theatre act curated by ‘Crow’, each designer unveiled his stunning interpretation of their ‘Pride’ at Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2018. Adding to the drama, Kubbra Sait, played a unique host and moderator of all this bewitchment.
In an enthralling conversation with Kubbra Sait, the designers discussed their spectacular style journey, one that is unique, that have made them stand out, that they so rightly take pride in. They shared aspirational anecdotes of staying true to their style and individuality, while talking about what makes them successful day in and day out, which the world, perhaps, does not know about.

Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2018 believes in celebrating ‘Pride’ which is a hallmark of today’s generation, as a meaningful expression of their success. While their distinct choices define their individuality, the taste of pride which comes from this self-earned achievement is one for these individuals.

Kartik Mohindra, Chief Marketing Officer, Pernod Ricard India, added, “Instilled with a strong sense of positive pride, individuals today are driven by confidence and belief for attaining success. Pride, therefore, takes a centre stage in defining their individuality, creating their own choices, and self-earned achievement. Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2018, in its 14th edition, brings alive this exclusivity, by rejoicing in individuals who have created their own unique tales of pride and success.”

Rohit Bal, designer, talking about his curation ‘My Heritage, My Pride’ said, “I am a traditionalist and that too, a pure, classic, undiluted traditionalist. I am deeply rooted in my culture, my origins and the incredible heritage of India. From the Lotus to the Peacock, I think tradition and I live my heritage. There is mystery, mysticism and sheer magnificence in our Heritage and it has become an essential part of my soul. I take immense pleasure in my association with Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2018, as it lets me celebrate this Heritage, with Pride.”

Speaking about his concept ‘My Blend, My Pride’, designer Tarun Tahiliani said, “This show for me is a real blend of my journey and the myriad and varied influences that have made this up. From India, the world, cyberspace, our heritage and dreams of the future. This is a dream of the future, where inclusivity and tolerance blend to create an inclusive world that allows individuality while celebrating the past and the new world. All that we were and more! Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2018 for me is the perfect foil, a platform to show this new exciting expression of India modern.”

Designer Gaurav Gupta, while showcasing his creations ‘My Expression, My Pride’ said, In this age of technology, where everything is instant and our desire for immediate gratification is the only thing greater than our egos, the value of the ‘bond’ you have with yourself becomes increasingly important. I believe in celebrating one's individual personality and choices through their distinct style and creating a unique identity. Staying true to yourself can constantly and consistently surprise both yourself and the world by your achievements, which then become a true expression of who you are. Through my association with Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2018, I take pride in showcasing my expression like never before.”

Speaking of his view of ‘Pride’, designer Ashish N Soni, said of his presentation ‘My Identity, My Pride’, In human existence, there is nothing more important than a sense of identity. In fact, identity is more than can be expressed within the bounds of my beliefs. I take great pride in narrating what has made me what I am today; therefore, it’s an absolute honor to be associated with Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2018, as it provides a stage to bring forth individuality in the most unique fashion.”

Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2018-2019, will travel across four cities, starting from Gurgaon and then moving to Hyderabad, Mumbai and Kolkata. Source: Businesswire