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08 Dec 2023, Edition - 3069, Friday

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Bodhi Kicks Off Multi-chain Expansion with Ethereum

by businesswireindia.com

Business Wire India

Following on the heels of a successful launch on the Qtum mainnet (https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180423005472/en/Decentralized-Prediction-Market-Bodhi-Launch-Qtum-Mainnet), the Bodhi Foundation announced today its plans to expand the Bodhi prediction market DApp (Decentralized Application) to support other public blockchain platforms.


“This will open the prediction market to many more users, which will facilitate more accurate predictions,” says Xiahong Lin, founder and CEO of Bodhi, a decentralized prediction market that allows users to create and trade on the outcome of any finance, sports, politics, or other global events. Prediction markets become increasingly more accurate with an increase in the number of users participating.


In future plans to expand, Bodhi will issue tokens native to the new blockchain. When selecting new blockchains to expand to, Bodhi’s requirements are that they must already run a mainnet, support smart contracts, and have both a healthy user base and ecosystem.


Bodhi’s first expansion will be Ethereum, as it “has the largest user base, the most developed ecosystem in terms of users, dapps, and infrastructure,” says Lin. This new token, BOE (Bodhi On Ethereum), is necessary to enable access to the Bodhi platform by Ethereum users, and will not raise any additional funds. Those future tokens will be issued as a free airdrop to BOT (the original Qtum-based Bodhi token) holders at a 1:1 ratio. BOE is based on the Ethereum ERC20 token model standard, making it compatible with many projects within Ethereum. BOE will have the same total supply as BOT (100 million).


Lin further explains that, “BOT will remain the primary token in the Bodhi ecosystem as we expand to multiple blockchain platforms. Where we must issue a new token, we will continue to issue them for free to holders of BOT in the same manner as we are implementing with the Bodhi-On-Ethereum (BOE) token release.”


“One of the main purposes of implementing BOE is to show that we will be a cross-chain dapp. BOE is not intended to replace BOT, but more to work side-by-side with it. We want to build a blockchain agnostic platform where multiple tokens are accepted,” says Deric Walintukan, smart contract developer at Bodhi.


The Bodhi Foundation will disclose and publicize the wallet addresses of both the BOT and BOE tokens held by the Foundation to ensure transparency as the Bodhi Foundation currently holds 40% of the total BOT supply, and will also receive the correlated BOE tokens. Tokens held by the foundation will continue to follow the original locking schedule as laid out in the whitepaper.


Participating exchanges supporting the BOE airdrop to BOT holders are: Gate.io, Bibox, Allcoin, LBank, BigOne, Cobinhood, Shangya Exchange and Bytex.io.


Notice: To receive the BOE airdrop, USERS MUST DEPOSIT BOT onto the above mentioned exchanges before May 31st, 23:59 GMT+8.


On June 1st, 23:59 GMT+8, participating exchanges will credit all BOT users with the same amount of BOE. BOE will be listed for trading at a future date after all BOE distributions are completed.




About Bodhi


Founded in May 2017, Bodhi is a decentralized prediction market platform. Built on the Qtum blockchain, Bodhi allows users to create and trade on the outcome of finance, sports, politics, and any other global events. Bodhi’s mission is to build a credible, autonomous, and scalable platform that promotes the application of prediction markets at a global scale to enhance the decision-making process. It is powered by the Bodhi digital token (BOT).




Source: Businesswire