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25 Feb 2024, Edition - 3148, Sunday

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“A store in Bengaluru that brings families, generations and corporates together, over simple pastime pleasures”

Indrani Thakurata


Bengaluru: When we think of a group outing, we think of friends, gizmos and gadgets. When we think of a team bonding session, we think of games revolving around technology. Such is the influence of technology. In a time when devices are set to take over lives, Kavade is an attempt to depart from ‘tech’ gaming, to celebrate tabletop gaming. Go for a makeshift ancient tour to medieval times and the era of Mahabharata, and indulge into fun games that have an aura of culture, history and tradition attached to it with Kavade.

Kavade is an endeavor to revive traditional games, board games that are on the brink of extinction. Housing a range of Indian and international games, Kavade is a one-of-a-kind store in Bengaluru that brings families, generations and corporates together, over simple pastime pleasures. GS, the founder and the Host says, “The idea is to promote traditional board games, games from across different ancient cultures of India, China, Africa, Sri-Lanka and Europe! The beauty of these games is that you can play it with your child with as much ease, as you would, with your friends or colleagues. Slow down here, and enjoy stress-free moments! Relive the ancient games! Enjoy at the attic and have fun!’ From classic and unique board games to traditional handicrafts, Kavade has carefully curated an array of collectibles. An exploratory space, a board game cafe, a party venue, a place for conversation and laughter, Attic is a terrace top with a difference. Kavade organizes board game immersions, workshops, and tournaments for schools, institutes, offices, and communities.

Board games are more than just a piece of pastime. Played by kings and queens of yore, they are historical narratives waiting to be explored. India has its own share of monumental games. Board games have been an absolute favorite over the centuries. We have read of Shakuni inviting Krishna to a game of dice. We have known of Akbar’s courtroom being transformed into a life-size frame of Pachisi. Board games have been etched in the pages of history. They are found on the floors of ancient temples, even today! Today they reflect the state and culture of the era they come from. “I think most of us crave an outing that takes us back to our childhood. Takes us away from the world of technology that surrounds us every way. Personally, I love playing Ludo, carrom. I would love to have an outing that allows me the space and the environment,” says Preeti Roy, ICICI employee, a Bangalorean who dotes on such places.

Revival of team outings with ancient traditional board games!

There are myriads of things to do when it comes to employee bonding, but nothing better than a fun group outing! Every organization is emphasizing now on corporate rewards and recognition programs. Group experiences provide an active and collaborative opportunity to engage employees. They enhance the depth of bonding, involvement, learning and engagement. It gives an added benefit of improving communication, leadership and team building skills. These experiences provide them with a chance to experience diverse ideas and opinions. The way games are to be played – face-to-face, with minimum infrastructure. Traditional board games have a magical effect. They are far from the adulteration of plastic or technology. There is a joy in the sound of cowrie shells falling on the ground. Playing a traditional board game can take you back into time.

Tech Detoxification!

A face-to-face session with the Host unveils the charm of traditional board games. Handmade craftsmanship and exquisite artistry prods us to dig deeper in the facts of it. It’s an alternative world of entertainment, a hub for simple pastimes. A respite for ‘tech-tired’ fingers, give yourself a break from the digital invasion. Witness the old world charm with bright dices and be curious to discover something new at every step.

Ritisha Rajiv Choudhary, who has enjoyed her time here says, “The best part about this place is that they have driven inspiration from our epics and traditions and it’s all about getting back to our roots with the board games and the fun-filled activities associated with it. It’s a great opportunity to break free from your mundane routines and bond with your beloved ones at a place like this! A space that exhibits all the board games along with it’s rich cultural heritage and history. This is a place where we would love to get lost into”

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