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15 Apr 2024, Edition - 3198, Monday

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Demand for chemical-free cleaning agents on the rise

Archana Rohit


Fighting germs and grime in homes forces many to rely heavily on cleaning products to and often harsh ones that are hazardous and highly toxic.

S Priyadarshini, an expert on natural products, says, “Chemical-free homemade cleaning products aren’t just better for us; they are eco-friendly and they help us splurge less. Mixing natural products like soapnut, shikakai and wood ash in combination with bio-enzyme, will help replace all chemical cleaners.”

Studies point to chemicals being silent killers and underlying problems for many health issues. Long-term exposure to the fumes of harsh chemicals can cause rashes, dizziness, fatigue, respiratory problems and headaches.

Chemical-free products can be made for cleaning floors, tiles, bathrooms and toilets, mirror/ glass /cars, gas burners, chimneys and greasy surfaces. Handwash, materials to unclog drains, insect-free refrigerator wipes ,vegetables wash, liquid and powder detergents, powder detergents, dish wash liquid and powder, cloth bleach, room fresheners, natural mosquito and insect repellants, Priyadarshini adds.

These products do not manipulate sight, smell and sound to trigger purchase behaviour. However, they are non-toxic, highly effective and give the same result like any regular cleaning agent available in the market, she says.

Chemical-free biodegradable drain cleaners are often recommended by plumbers as they do not damage pipes and the water supply once dumped down the drains.

“There is a lot of waiting period. Sometimes I have to wait for 90 days for the final product. But, the satisfaction of using the product is worth the wait. The beauty of homemade chemical-free cleaning agents are they consume less water and can be used for plants,” said a product user.

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