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09 Aug 2022, Edition - 2583, Tuesday

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Gigantic statue of first yoga guru Adiyogi to be unveiled by PM

Sathyaa Rajesh


A massive statue of the first yoga guru Adiyogi, erected at Isha Yoga Centre at Vellingiri Hills in the outskirts of the city, is likely to be inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi on February 24.

Spanning a total surface area of about 30,000 sq. ft. and with a height of 112 feet, signifying the 112 chakras imparted to the saptarishis, the huge statue is Isha Foundation’s tribute to the great yoga guru. Yoga is based on an inward-looking philosophy and the hope is to encourage humanity to look inward so that they can live a peaceful and healthy life.

The statue, made out of iron from the Steel Authority of India Limited, has approximately 20,000 individual iron plates. There are plans to build similar statues across the four corners of India. The statues will be erected in Kanyakumari, Varanasi, Mumbai and somewhere near Delhi, said sources at Isha.

History of Adiyogi

Adiyogi was considered the first yoga guru. He first appeared in the Kailash mountains and used to perform intense ecstatic dances. However, his origins remained a mystery to the people around him. There was something magical happening with him which endeared him to all. He would be in trance state for many months that it was hard for people to decipher if he was even breathing. His state of bliss was only apparent by the incessant flow of tears from his eyes.

People thronged to witness this vision but they were unable to approach him because he was so intense like a blazing fire. They waited for many months but nothing happened and many of them left. Only seven dedicated seekers remained in the end.

After 84 years of intense sadhana, Adiyogi opened his eyes and saw the seven devotees around him. He then decided to become a Guru and imparted the yoga techniques to the seven people who were called the saptarishis. The saptarishis were Vashishta, Kashyapa, Vishwamitra, Jamadagni, Gautama, Bharadwaja and Atri, who spread yoga across all spheres of the world.

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