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23 Jul 2024, Edition - 3297, Tuesday

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How to deal with anxiety disorder in daily life? Find out

Indrani Thakurata

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It is a fact that we all deal with anxiety in our daily lives. It is something nearly every individual deals with and has experienced feelings of being anxious, worried, afraid and panicked doing our daily chores. The true fact is that how we deal with the anxious moments that we undergo in our daily life says a lot about us. Some of us succumb to the anxiety attacks without realising that you can work in it. Though it is just perfect and normal to undergo anxious situations daily but when the level and degree of our anxiousness takes control of our thoughts and believes it can lead to anxiety disorders, that could be life threatening and harmful to our near and dear ones. “Since childhood, I have always been more tensed as a person than my peers. I always get anxious on situations that others deal with very calmly. Some friends call me hyper, and some suggest meditation. I must confess, I am working on my mind,” says Meenakshi Kumar, an Architect.

Anxiety disorders lead to phobias and therefore it’s important we get educated and addressed in the proper manner, so that we do not let these phobias to take control of our life and cause potential damages to you and our loved ones.

“Anxiety can be well defined in many ways. Many defined it as uneasiness and distress of the mind, because of fear from misfortune or danger. In most of the cases anxiety is considered as a disease that is non-controllable. But the real fact is that people suffering from anxiety disorders can take control of their situations with the right kind of treatment as it is just a condition and not an illness, which causes people to become psychologically, physically and mentally stressed over numerous situations. When such situations occur a normal person is unable control their normal anxiety and thereby turns into a disorder which the mind and body cannot respond in a normal manner,” says Sheela Seharawat, founder and chief mentor of Diet Clinic Health Care Private Limited. Though it is difficult to tell why some people are more anxious in situations, Sheela explains, “Anxiety disorders generally occur due to specific reasons and are associated with underlying reasons. When one learns to take control of the reason, the disorder associated with the cause goes for ever. Medications against anxiety disorder are available but are not as effective as therapies. Medication gives a short term relief by relaxing the nerves, but do not address the underlying cause/s for the anxiety. People who choose medication stays on the support of medicines for longer duration’s and stays on and off drugs most of the time. It is evident that unless the reasons for anxiety are determined and addressed the problem will keep you haunting back and again.” Talking about anxiety disorder, Surinder Mann says, “I have read in places that the anxiety disorder have some general symptoms like sleep problems, panic, fear, dry mouth or palpiations. But I have none of these symptoms. Yes, in situations, my heart races but you can experience anxiety and should seek help regardless.”

Anxiety disorders have been categorized in two types, and both of the types can be cured if treated and attended properly.

– Circumstantial Anxiety: this type is typically categorized as a cause of immense stress or emotional conditions. Incidences such as relationship problems, career challenges, acute illness or demise of a loved one creates constant levels of anxiety. Mostly early stress conditions can be categorized under this condition. Once the condition passes away, with proper guidance, rest and time the addressee overcomes the conditions of anxiety automatically.

– Chronic Anxiety: such anxiety conditions develop over a period of time, may be over months and years and over various stages of life. In certain cases the disorder spans through the entire life span. The main cause considered for such severe conditions are some sort of fear element that engulfs the mind from a very early life stage and keep on developing with time.

When it comes to treating anxiety disorders, it is always a good idea to take the guidance from someone who have personally dealt with and overcome the situations. Such real life experiences not only stands as inspiration but also guidance on how to deal and overcome anxiety disorders.

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