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18 Oct 2021, Edition - 2288, Monday

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India’s invincible code

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Indian scriptures are sonic encryption of messages that hold the master key to a realm of scientific research and history, says a cyber security expert.It is believed that the sages in a divine foresight penned lyrics, which have a face and a soul. While the face is the apparent hymn in the form of good counsel, the soul is a coded solution.

It can be deduced that ancient Indian scholars used their mastery over grammar and mathematics to encode their potentially impactful perceptions into poems and songs, so that they don’t easily attract the eye of a perpetrator, said Prejith Sajeev, CEO of Bangalore’s Skarpsinne, the name of which is derived from a Spanish word meaning intelligence.

Cryptologist and researcher, Sajeev’s is all rolled into one.“Primarily we help protect the digital networks of companies with products that help monitor the functioning of the network,” he said.

For instance, a bank can track the transactions, security and anti-laundering system related to its network of ATMs in one glance with the help of our products, he explained.

“I wish to strengthen our cyber security intelligence based on the pattern followed in the ancient texts,” said Sajeev, who is from Kottayam in Kerala.“Indians are at a great advantage as the resources are right there in our backyard.”

For this, he has joined a scattered initiative that has just begun to pick up the threads of these ancient formulae ‘masquerading’ as songs and reveal their larger intent.One such technique is the centuries-old Katapayadi system, the ancient encryption method by which words are ascribed certain numbers like – the assigning of letters to numerals; zero represented by vowels; and integers by consonants.

When we decipher the letters of an ancient hymn, it yields an astronomical number, which is equivalent to pi in new age calculations.

How do we zero in on the text where our area of interest lies?

“I will reach out to Samudrika Sastra and Lakshana Sastra to decode solutions that will aid in forensics and criminal investigation, explained Sajeev, who was a student of Institute of Technology Management and Research.

Sajeev said that even if researchers stumble upon findings there should be a responsible government body to receive the treasures of knowledge, safekeep and develop the idea.

The country’s sacred scriptures are a treasure trove of wisdom waiting to benefit humanity, and it may take hundreds of years to interpret them, but taking the first step itself is a good sign.

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