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21 Jul 2024, Edition - 3295, Sunday

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  • TN Governer RN Ravi ‘s tenure to end by July 31. Home Ministry mulling extension.
  • High Court on the three criminal laws: Laws may cause confusion among the public.Govt should have consulted the legal Commission before implementing it.
  • Due to crowdstrike update irregularities in Microsoft applications, airline services in India and other data online services comes to a halt.
  • Coimbatore gets another flight as Indigo announced flight to Abudhabi from August 10. The flight will operate thrice a week.


Is our biological clock still in conflict with our career? Or organisations have become more sensitive

Indrani Thakurata


She is well educated, ambitious, financially independent, has an active work life and bamm! The predictable happens. Her marriage, motherhood or maybe some health issues force her to take that obligatory career break! Whether she likes it or not. What next? It can go on for the next three months, 6 months, one year or even a couple of years due to unwanted circumstances and more so because of lack of opportunities and flexible work options.

Fortunately, technology is here to make this transition of resuming work an absolutely smooth affair for hundreds of women out there. It is not only promoting a sustainable work-life balance for women but also empowering them to take matters into their own hands and become their own bosses. Besides just work, tech is also opening up new avenues for support, mentorship, and networking. “This is what is happening with most of my friends. It is true that our biological clock is in conflict with our career. But India is warming upto the concept of accepting women work force after a career break. Very few organisations are sensitive to a mother who is trying to juggle work and home. But yes, platforms like Sheroes have paved the way for an alternative ,” says Sandhya Kumar, a professional HR who is a mother to a 2 year old. Adding to the discussion of future of work and how women can get back to work with the same vigour with a little support from colleagues, organisations and family, Meenakshi Kumar, an Architect who has her own firm says, “Sheroes has been a great help to women who are thinking of getting back, exploring opportunities and weighing the odds.”

Sairee Chahal, Founder & Ceo, Sheroes, says in a recently held summit, “Through this year’s summit, we are making women realize that factors such as childbirth or any other challenges being faced in pursuit of their career are no more a hurdle. By leading these intelligent and independent women towards custom-fitwork options that can promise them a smooth transition in resuming work, we want to emphasize on the idea that women can, indeed, experience both flexibility and stability at the same time in their quest for furthering their professional aspirations without having to worry about the 9-5 cycle. Moreover,it will also give these young, aspiring and ambitious women the freedom and inspiration to carve out their own future. We are also emphasizing on mentoring early-age startups to create custom-fit work opportunities and focus more on creating flexible workplaces for women to grow and thrive as professionals.”

Deepika Tewari, General Manager, Marketing, Jewellery Division, Titan Company Limited adds,“The workforce of the future will consist mostly of millennials, who are inherently inclined towards entrepreneurship. Which is just well, because there are numerous examples to suggest that women entrepreneurs tend to be more ambitious and more successful than their male counterparts. Women also rank higher than men in leadership effectiveness, and are better at using soft skills delivering superior business performance. On the corporate front, businesses want to recruit and retain more and more women employees today than in the past. I personally recommend that more female student should pursue STEM or business courses. But I believe that the single most important skill that you, as a professional, need to learn is reinvent yourself- to let go of who you are today, and recreate yourself as the job environment around you changes.” Agreeing to the above statement, Mandira Bhowmik, a teacher says, “20 years back, it was difficult to get back to work after a gap of many years. The gap taken to rear a child wasn’t considered. Now, organisations have become more women friendly. Many organisations have their own day care, which enables a mother to work smoothly. It is a good time for women who want to balance both, a career and home.”

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