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10 Dec 2023, Edition - 3071, Sunday

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‘My life has been put on a pause’ says Isha uproar victim

Covai Post Network


Aparna, the latest victim embroiled in the Isha Yoga Foundation controversy, vehemently rejected claims that she was being led into sanyas and that she has left home to live at the foundation.

“I’m very much at home with my aged parents, and everything was smooth sailing in my life till some people walked into my house in my absence and brainwashed my parents into saying that I was going to embrace sanyas and that I was going to leave the house next month and marry someone chosen by the foundation and its founder,” she told The Covai Post.

“These baseless claims have put my life on a pause,” said the techie, who works at a multi-national corporation in the management cadre.

“I was living a normal, simple life with my parents, going to office and back home and have a cup of coffee. But suddenly everything has turned topsy turvy.”

“I’m furious that these people took the liberty to tutor my parents into saying things against me, including that I stopped calling them amma and appa.”

“I got a transfer from Bengaluru to return to Coimbatore and be with my aged parents, especially to be of support to my ailing father.”

“My parents are simple people and till now do not even understand the magnitude of the storm that is raging.”

“I’m someone who is aiming to get a promotion in my career, and all these claims do not exist.”

Thirty-two-year-old Aparna said she has not married out of personal choice.

“I started learning yoga at a centre in Pondicherry when I was 28 years old and was not married, rather, chose to remain unmarried even before I was associated with Isha. Then a friend suggested I learn yoga at Isha Yoga Foundation, which I did, and have been visiting the foundation on and off for correctional sessions.”

The story ends there, and anything that happened after that in relation to Isha was completely stage-managed, said Aparna.

Her parents – father Dhandapani and mother Vasantha – later told her that they said these things out of fear that they will lose her.

“They didn’t know it was a well laid trap for reasons best known to the group that visited my house that day.

“The only thing I know is that the group of people has used me and my family for their personal end of which I know nothing and do not care to know.”

Aparna said she decided to speak to the media yesterday in order to relate what exactly happened that day and to clarify her position and her parents’.

She said her aged parents were on Wednesday met by a group of people consisting of members of a women’s organization, who had earlier met her relatives too to convince them about the ‘situation’ she was in.

After convincing her parents that they were about to lose their daughter, they were taken out of the house under the pretext of visiting the Collectorate to find help.

“But they were taken somewhere else and were forced to speak out scripted statements to the media.

“I was in the dark till a friend called me and said that my parents were speaking on television. I laughed it off as a practical joke, but when they insisted, I had to believe and was shocked beyond words.”

Aparna, who filed a police complaint against the actions of the group that met her parents, said she is now trying to restore some order in her life.

“My immediate concern is my office as I have stopped going after this controversy erupted. I simply don’t have an idea what anyone is thinking there, though I have hope since I’m what I am, people will understand me.”

“The immediate problem is stepping out of the house as I have to answer the questions of my neighbours. So I’m waiting for them to digest the impact of the turmoil, before venturing out.

“I had to face all this for no mistake of mine,” Aparna said.

“But I’m independent, can put things together and move on.”

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