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04 Dec 2023, Edition - 3065, Monday

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Now silicon patch to repair ear lobes

Umaima Shafiq


Torn ear lobes, often, are a result of continued usage of heavy earrings and multiple piercings. Many a time, women either undergo painful surgeries to stitch up the tear or stop wearing ear jewellery. But now, all that is in the past. Silicon, that wonder material of cosmetic uplift, is here to patch up torn lobes without surgery or side effects.

Aradhana Garg, the owner of the Exotica Arts Pharmaceutical Company at Ghaziabad, New Delhi tells The Covai Post, “These are silicon pads, imported from the USA called Ear Lift. The torn, extended or bleeding portions of your ear lobes can be stuck together with these medical patches right behind the ear. This patch blends with the skin tone to hold the weight of any earring you wear, however heavy or dangly it is.”

She adds, “We import them from the US and market them in boxes of 30 patches. Each patch can last for 15 days. They are waterproof and non-allergic. We sell nearly 1,000 boxes every day mostly to women from age 12 years and upwards. In fact, I even recommend it to those with undamaged ear lobes and multiple ear piercings, it will safeguard their ears from tearing,” says Aradhana.

She chanced upon these patches about 16 years ago when she had torn earlobes. “I read about it in a magazine and ordered it. I used it on myself before marketing. Today we are selling it online besides retailing in New Delhi. I don’t know about other companies, but doubt local manufacturers who may replace silicon with plastic. That can cause allergies and other reactions,” she says.

Meanwhile Dr. E Kovarthini, a cosmetic surgeon in Coimbatore insists that surgery is the best option for torn ear lobes.

She says, “Usually the pierced portion gets distended, the lobe elongates or gets cut and bleeds. We give local anaesthesia and cut and join the damaged aperture edges either with sutures or medical glue. The former method requires stitches, while the latter is non-invasive. This is a permanent and long term solution with no side effects. Of course, we do use silicon for other cosmetic procedures like breast implants and chin lifts.”

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