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19 Apr 2024, Edition - 3202, Friday

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Painless tattoos: It’s all about bio-organic dyes and fruit extracts

Umaima Shafiq


Karthik Rana runs a tattoo studio where he etches tattoo images in the painless way possible using natural dyes. He also conducts classes where innovative designs are taught.

Tattooing is the new way to personalise yourself other than clothes, accessories, cosmetics and jewels. Coimbatore has many tattoo studios and parlours, some of which are giving professional training in this ancient art colloquially called ‘pachakuthu’. It was done manually in either red or green, now it is done with electric machines and trained tattoo artists.

Karthik Rana, owner of the 9-year-old Impossible Tattoo Studio on Airport Road, Coimbatore tells The Covai Post, “The difference between our tattoos and pachakuthu is that the latter can cause swelling, fever and other physical problems, but when you tattoo with professionals like us it will be painless and without side effects. We use ointments to numb the pain and bio-organic dyes from vegetable and fruit extracts for colouring the tattoo.”

He allows his customers to check the tattoo machines, ointments and other products before the procedure.

Karthik qualified in tattooing from an institute in Bangalore and now conducts two-level training courses at his studio.

So what is tattoo training? “The basic level is of 100 hours duration, starts from basic drawing and ink classes, where images from normal tattoo to portraits are taught. This course also teaches to identifying and repairing tattoo machinery and assembling, re-assembling and tuning it. We provide an ISO certified course with a signed certificate and photocopy, with artist name and hours spent with him,” says Karthik.

Advanced level course has all basic features with an added 300 hours. “Here we do three dimensional tattoos, colour realism work, bio-mechanical tattoos or robotic melding of man and machine in steel colour. The latter tattoo is very strenuous to do and can take up to 13-15 hours. It is a master level of tattooing,” Karthik.

Why do modern people like tattoos? “Formerly tattoos were done for religious and community beliefs but nowadays it is purely for cosmetic purposes. We offer tattoo cover-ups, this is usually covering up previous tattoos either by drawing over it or completely removing it with laser treatment to restore clear skin. We also do this for drawing eyebrow hairs for those with sparse brows, removing post-delivery stretch marks and weight loss treatments besides discolouration of lips through skin problems,” says Karthik.

Do some believe in the spiritual nature of tattoos? “Yes they do. Just like acupuncture, there are tattoo pierce points on the human body which can invigorate you. Besides this, many will tattoo their respective zodiac signs believing it will increase their physical strength and spiritual energy. People are insistent on tattooing on specific body parts to release that ‘energy’,” claims Karthik.

What the prices? Tattoos are charged according to inches mostly beginning from Rs.500 and after that Rs.450 for every extra inch.

The tattoo artist course fees are Rs.35,000 and Rs.75,000 for basic and advanced levels.

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