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19 Apr 2024, Edition - 3202, Friday

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Self Defense gadgets shining armours for a damsel in distress?

Neya Tabitha


With all the gruesome rapes and murders happening across the country, it is high time that women take safety into their own hands. No more knights in shining armors to rescue damsels in distress, you are your own hero!

There are various self defense gadgets and non lethal weapons which can be used for self protection. One such gadget is the Optisafe My Hero. It is an SOS gadget that is designed to help during times of distress. It uses a pull mechanism that will trigger an alarm of 120 decibels, send your current location to three chosen emergency contacts and also record audio and video in the user’s Smartphone. It is available in Amazon shopping site for Rs 2399.

The miscreant does not want to be identified, so the noise from the gadget will alarm him causing him to back off in fear of getting caught.

Another most commonly suggested tool is the pepper spray. Yes, it a useful tool to keep the assailant away but knowing how to properly use alone can help escape, should situations arise.

The user must first observe the movements for the attacker, keeping the pepper spray in an accessible position without him knowing. The thumb should be on the head, ready to spray. And if the attacker is coming from behind, turn and spray in either a circular or S shaped pattern. Also one foot must be kept in front of the other. This will ensure that the attacker does not escape from the spray unless it is windy at the time of attack.

If the attacker continues to come forward, create a tunnel of spray so that he does not escape. Also the user must avoid coming in contact with the spray.

The hand in which the pepper spray is held must be kept away from the attacker. With the other hand as a shield in front , try to push him away in case he tries to pry it off your hands.
Amazon’s choice, Impower Self Defense Pepper Spray is available for Rs 249.

Another gadget which one can use is a bit of a three-in- one combo. It has an ultra strong torch light of 1200 lumens which can be used to blind the attacker, giving a few seconds to escape or shock him with the shock feature it has.

Sending mild electric current in sensitive areas like under the chin, under the nose, areas around the eyes and lips, even the crotch will temporarily stun him. This will open up an opportunity to escape and bolt from the place. It also has a laser pointer.

A self defense baton is also a good tool to scare away the attacker. It must be deployed parallel to the users leg and strike him in the upper arm, hand, lower leg and even the torso if possible. The base of the baton can be used to shove him away to create a distance. This will help the woman to strike harder.

Also, the baton must not be taken behind the range of the shoulders as it will give more time for the miscreant to attack. Instead use the force from your hips and shoulders. It is available in Amazon shopping site for Rs 570.

Remember to put up a fight to survive not to win, after all it is all about defending oneself from harm. And whatever gadget or tool one uses, the user must know how to use it properly or it could be detrimental to her

Practice and train so that one knows what to do when situations arise. After all, presence of mind and being alert is the greatest weapon you can carry as it will help tackle attackers and escape harmful situations.

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