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19 Apr 2024, Edition - 3202, Friday

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Taking a break from your relationship? Go ahead

Indrani Thakurata


Taking a break while in a relationship sounds like a perfect escape. But not really, when you want to make it work. It can be productive provided the two, who are calling a break know what it is supposed to mean. “Mostly, when couples decide to take a break and see where the relationship is going, it isn’t working well.

The obstacles or issues are the reason for the break. So, if they don’t discuss the problems while on break, the situation would remain the same. You can’t escape the roadblocks in a relationship by taking a break,” says Anitesh, Psychologist. He adds, “I have seen many couples who take a break to avoid frequent fights. But when they don’t discuss the root cause of such fights, they end up in the same muck after the break.”

It is very important to do some soul searching and connect with your inner desires. Many feel obliged to make a relationship work because of the time invested in it. But, it is important to know and understand if the relationship gives you stress and if that is what you want a break from.

You must make your dating plans in advance , and your partner should be in the know how of it. You can’t be going off for dates, and your partner coming to know of it from your common friends. You have to be clear if the break also means exploring . if your ‘break’ means ‘distance making the hearts grow fonder’ then make your feelings very clear.

To be transparent with your intention is very important. “ My friend wanted to take a break to test the relationship. And she wasn’t really exploring any other relationship while on break. She just wanted to figure out her feelings.

But the guy started dating another girl meanwhile. And that was the end of the relationship. She regrets taking the break,”says Munmun Chakraborty. Expressing the same fear, Priti Chaudhary says, “If the relationship is not even 1 year, and you are already looking for a break. Then you have to know that you are headed for split even after the break. SO think it wisely.”

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