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16 Apr 2024, Edition - 3199, Tuesday

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The six yard wonder has made a fashionable comeback

Indrani Thakurata


Bengaluru: Sonam Kapoor wowed all of us with her first appearance at Cannes 2017 where she wore a unicorn hued, dazzling prismatic sari from the label-NorBlack NorWhite. And this wasn’t the first time that the fashionista adorned a sari, in fact she has made sari so fashionable by wearing it her way; sometimes sporty, sometimes traditional and sometimes modern– that young girls want to emulate her dressing.

Another B-town celeb who has been in news for her many appearances in sarees is Kangana Ranaut, who has made sari look effortless. It is a pleasant change to not only see celebs in six yards but also young girls, professionals don a sari as a regular wear.

“There was a time when youngsters stopped wearing sarees. The traditional drape lost its relevance for the youngsters. But sari is making a comeback and how. My young sister drapes it once in awhile to her college. She drapes it for parties and all occasions nice. I am a die hard sari fan, therefore I drape it almost every alternate day to work,” says Sushmita Roy, who sells sari online. Another die hard fan, Amrapali Hazra loves collecting hand woven sarees. “They are work of art. Each piece is unique,and I love draping sarees. It is the most elegant, beautiful piece of cloth that makes you look fashionable or traditional, depending upon what you choose to wear. I am not only a sari fan, I am a fan of hand woven sarees. They are expensive but treasures in your wardrobe,” she says. Dwipannita Sinha who works for IBM is an active member of The Saree Saga, a facebook page with more than 30,000 followers. She says, “Yes, fashion comes a full circle. Sari was never out of fashion, but yes, there was a lean period when youngsters were only inclined towards western outfit. People like Sonia Gandhi, Vidya Balan, Maneka Gandhi and Jaya Jaitley have made it a style statement. Designers have done their bit to revive sari by giving it the much needed twist and publicity.”

Echoing similar sentiments, Sunita Budhiraja, an entrepreneur and the founder of Six yards and 365 Days, a campaign on facebook says, ” For me draping six yards pride is an act of bliss. When I draped my first saree I was a young lady of sixteen. I was overawed by the sheer beauty of this six yards magic. Saree essentially defines us, our personality, our roots, our legacy and somewhere our evolving thought process too. The best dressed lady of that time, Mrs Vijay Laxmi Pandit looked so graceful in her sarees that I wanted to emulate her. I have inherited my love for sarees from my Grandmother and mother who wore sarees everyday. I have always worn handloom sarees because I have innate love for handlooms from my grandfather. He had a loom where hundreds of weavers were employed. When I wear sarees I feel the warmth of the sweat and rigorous labor that our weavers do. Mothers and grandmothers who have kept sarees within the gamut of social gatherings have hindered young generations to make an appetite for sarees. The young generation has always seen saree as six yards piece of cloth. Many young ladies who have joined me in my Facebook campaign #SixYardsand365days against the dying culture of sarees and to support weavers have shared that they were clueless about the different weaves of sarees. Reading about different weaves, patterns and different draping styles have encouraged the young generation to drape themselves in six yards joy.”

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