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19 Apr 2024, Edition - 3202, Friday

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The squatting posture and the pelvic muscle

Tysion Prabhu B


COIMBATORE: The number of normal deliveries has drastically come down thanks to the laziness women have developed due to technological advance s, according to Dr. M. Karpaga Rajkumar, Naturopathy and Yoga Physician, PSG Hospitals.

Talking to The Covai Post, Dr. Rajkumar said in olden days woman would squat on the floor to complete their daily chores. “This helped the pelvic muscle get toned, that resulted in normal deliveries.”

Due to the change in lifestyles, a large number of people suffer from pelvic floor muscle disorder. “More than 50 per cent people don’t even know about this muscle. This one particular muscle is very important for women to have normal delivery,” Dr. Rajkumar said.

“And for men, any disorder in this muscle leads to hernia.”

According to Dr. Rajkumar, any physical activity that involves squatting posture help in toning of the muscle. “Earlier women cleaned utensils and washed clothes by sitting on the floor. But every work is now being done by machines.”

More than 55 per cent women in Tamil Nadu deliver babies in operation theatres. “The number of patients who want to avoid pain during labour and to deliver on an auspicious day is increasing. It is not good for both mother and the child. Women can at least practice yoga in order to make pelvic floor muscle flexible. For example Veerasana, namashkarasana and utkatasana help those with pelvic muscle disorder,” Dr. Rajkumar added.

Twenty-eight-old Roshini, who recently gave birth to a baby through C-section, said she was unaware of the pelvic floor muscle till recently. “Even today, my grand mother and mother do most their work by sitting down. I never knew by doing so much physical work by sitting on the floor helps so much,” she added.

“Where is human effort? asks a 45-year-old resident of Madurai. “When I was young, we used to wash clothes and clean vessels in separate places in the courtyard by sitting on a small wooden plank. As science developed, we have forgotten good things,” she said.

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