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30 Nov 2023, Edition - 3061, Thursday

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Tips that will come handy this Karva Chauth

Indrani Thakurata


Bengaluru: Women across India who observe Karva Chauth are gearing up for the day. A one-day festival celebrated by Hindu women primarily in Northern India, in which married women fast from sunrise to moonrise for the safety and longevity of their husbands has become a cinematic favourite for its rituals and romance. The symbolic sacrifice of food by the woman till she spots the moon is a huge ordeal in real life. It is hard to fast the entire day but since it is for the love of your life–you might as well know the dos and don’ts that will prepare you for it.

Things You Should Eat/Do Before Karva Chauth Fast:

Karva Chauth fast is not something you can complete very easily; it takes a lot to carry all the rituals and traditions of the day. Though, just by paying a little attention to the meals you intake prior to the fast can help you a lot to survive the whole day easily. You can have light breakfast like fruits, cereals or multi-grain flour before the sunrise and you can also include the homemade cheese to your meals with handful of nuts. Stay away from heavy meals because to eat the right thing is going to help you more than eating in large amount.

Avoiding sweets is a good step as eating sweets leads to craving for more food but if you are fond of sweets you can have just a bit of it. If you do it right, these are enough to for a good fast.

Avoid the heavy meals, instead of eating in large amount go for the right meal.

Things to Keep In Mind While Breaking the Fast:

The way to breaking the fast is as important as things before starting the fast. As you’ve been starving the whole day, grabbing and eating anything that comes across doesn’t sounds like a good idea. There are a few things you can do to avoid the health issues after the fast.

Expert dietician Sheela Seharawat suggests that “Never let your hand pick up that cup of tea, as the amount of acid in your stomach becomes high when you starve. And if you do, it is going to cause unrest inside. The body mechanism works the same with the oily food. Go for the light food with high cholesterol and protein; it will help you retain the energy lost by the body and make you feel more active and comfortable.”

When it comes to the liquid diets you can either have four glass of water or consume fruit juice.

And don’t forget to have a good sleep, ladies.

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