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20 Jul 2024, Edition - 3294, Saturday

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Transcribed version: DSP Vishnupriya and Yuvaraj

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YUVRAJ: Hello, Good morning madam.

VISHNUPRIYA: Good morning. Tell me.

YUVRAJ: Are you fine

VISHNUPRIYA: Who’s this?

YUVRAJ: What are you asking? I am not a stranger. You are searching for me for two months but you’re still asking. This is Yuvrajspeaking.

VISHNUPRIYA: Is this your number?

YUVRAJ: Yes. This is it. Your Department knows it better.

VISHNUPRIYA: Where are you? What is your problem? Why are you absconding? Your whole family is facing problem because of you. You are not worried about it.


VISHNUPRIYA: I’m in great difficulty. Leave them. I am undergoing pressure.

YUVRAJ: Not just you, but every honest officer in the Department is facing difficulty. It is not that I do not know. Tell me Madam.

VISHNUPRIYA: It is very very bad. I am undergoing enormous mental pressure. Only I know how I am fighting against senior officers to not arrest six people under Goondas Act. Where are you?

YUVRAJ: I’m in Kerala, Kannur to be exact.


YUVRAJ: Kannur, Kerala

VISHNUPRIYA: Kannur, Kerala. Why are you not surrendering? What is your problem?

YUVRAJ: Why should I? I spoke to Chakrapani Sir. But the case is not in your control. Can you assure that you can act legally in this case, tell me? Then I shall surrender tomorrow itself. That’s why I haven’t surrendered.

VISHNUPRIYA: See, this is very simple. This is a murder case. You are a Law graduate. You come and surrender and then we will remand you. Then you can face the case. Why aren’t you cooperating?

YUVRAJ: I will face the case no problem. But I’m worried about problems inside the department. I’d have surrendered on the fourth day after the incident if it was just a murder case. But it wasn’t. If I had been arrested I wouldn’t have been able to control the people outside. There would’ve been a huge commotion definitely. At least 100 of our people would have protested and it would have been utter chaos. This is reason number 1. That is why I was absconding. Reason number 2: I had updated in a Facebook post that I would surrender. I had also decided to surrender in the Coimbatore Court but after seeing the number of FIRs filed against two people and remanded in Harur, I was forced to leave it to the police to catch me if they can. This is the truth.

VISHNUPRIYA: Since it was sensitive you did not surrender. I accept that. But you could have surrendered later. The case should have ended. We kept searching because we could not find you anywhere. That is why we nabbed your allies also. This could have ended so soon. Do you know how many police have been suffering for 2 months? I’m new entry to the department.

YUVRAJ: It is true madam. I went to a hotel in Coimbatore about 45 days back. The cashier asked if I was Yuvraj from Sankagiri and told me that the Police have asked them to inform if I turned up. I was shocked. It also happened in a lodge in Coimbatore and even in Chennai. The police are looking out for me everywhere in Tamil Nadu. Absconding wasn’t my Idea. It is because the pressure on the other side increased, I had to abscond. In a similar situation, I had gone to attend a case in Perundurai court knowing well that I will be arrested. But, this time situation is different and I have not been given a minute to appear. Murder case is foisted against me and I know that it wasn’t your fault but that of other officials. I am only sorry for you, but situations are like that. Even last night you’ve gone to my house and said you’d remand my wife. That is ok, she’d give company to that woman already lodged in the case. If you want to ask me something you can ask me now, that is why I’ve called you.

VISHNUPRIYA: I’m just asking what is the problem in surrendering ?

YUVRAJ: No problem madam but why is my anticipatory bail a problem to the department?

VISHNUPRIYA: No it’s very hard to get anticipatory bail for your case. No one can give you one and if permitted, I am ready to let you out on bail. But, the situation is in such a condition that even if a small paper is moved in your case, I get thousands of phone calls saying that Yuvaraj is applying for bail.

YUVRAJ: I haven’t applied for bail yet madam. Don’t I know the case and the section of its significance?

VISHNUPRIYA: What are you thinking then? Do you think you can get a bail easily? It’s very difficult.

YUVRAJ: I know the legal difficulties of the case but should I not try for my sake? Even if you don’t know that three heavy sections have been put against me and so even the magistrate need not consult you before rejecting the bail plea. This is just a try

VISHNUPRIYA: But why are you not surrendering?

YUVRAJ: Even if I had been booked under the Maintenance of Internal Security Act, I would have come out in 3-4 months. It is not a matter at all. But what has happened is the problem; who are all involved and who has done what, is all matters. The department hasn’t worked so sincerely in all murder cases. Agree that this is a murder case. The police are so into it. But why not this preference in other cases?

VISHNUPRIYA: You are blaming the department. See the department is not an independent body. It doesn’t function on its own. We try to sustain public peace and tranquility. When it is disturbed we try to normalise it. You are a single person. What do you think the department has against you?

YUVRAJ: That is why I already asked you this. I would surrender if you are sure that you would work according to the law. I’ll be there by 10 a.m. if you assure. Even I need not come, you can come and get me if I tell the place.

VISHNUPRIYA: No. No. What are we going to do against the law? Come and surrender. Will do things legally. I guarantee safety. What would anyone do different to you ?

YUVRAJ: Nothing can be done to me, madam. I know, but if I surrender today what meaning would the beatings that Kandasamy took have? What about Anand who was in the station with the lorry? What about beatings received by Jagadeesh?

VISHNUPRIYA: See, I’ll give you a way. You alone surrender tomorrow and I guarantee that I’ll cancel all those booked under the Goondas Act.

YUVRAJ: (laughs)

VISHNUPRIYA: I’ll cancel. You do not know how many people are booked under Goondas Act because of you.

YUVRAJ: I know Madam, that’s why I am not surrendering yet. I know everything that is happening there. You cannot find anyone who has contact with me and no one you got has my contact. If you doubt me, I’ll narrate what you did in my house. They took a dress from my house and opened it in the Sankagiri police station. I even have the photo of it and I’ll send it on WhatsApp.I know everything. Else it’ll be hard to run this movement. I also know what you said. You had said that you’re getting pressure from your higher officials and you will remand more if I don’t surrender and I’ve been getting every update. You’ll never get to know about the team. They won’t even speak with me for a month as you’ve troubled them this far.

VISHNUPRIYA: You are not even considering that people are affected because of you. Why don’t you consider their lives? Do you think that the case will end if you’re absconding?

YUVRAJ: No. No. Let the department do its work. I’m doing what I can do to safeguard me. What else can I do? It has been fabricated from the start.

VISHNUPRIYA: Even if you come and surrender tomorrow, officials are ready to cancel the arrests under the Goondas Act and so am I. This is very simple, but you are putting everybody in trouble by absconding. Just because you know people, it doesn’t mean that you can put them in trouble.

YUVRAJ: If it is for the community, people should suffer. There is no other go. It cannot be avoided.

VISHNUPRIYA: Is this a sacrifice in the freedom fight? You do such things in a freedom fight, it is justified. But this is a murder case. Why should others suffer?

YUVRAJ: It is a murder case which has happened but the problem started when you remanded six people. If it hadn’t been so I planned to surrender with 10 – 15 members That’s what I thought, but whatever I thought has gone wrong, have crossed 50 per cent and let’s see. I’ll manage the remaining part.

VISHNUPRIYA: You are speaking too much. But it doesn’t seem that you have taken a single initiative. If you keep doing so, then you’ll get into very deep trouble when you are caught. You’ll be blamed for everything. But if you surrender, good things will happen. Your action is causing a reaction. That is all. When the department is ready to do anything, why are you doing this?


VISHNUPRIYA: See I don’t appreciate booking six people under the Goondas Act but I’m ready to cancel it and all further arrests. Yet you are not surrendering. See, everything is because of a single person named YUVRAJ.

YUVRAJ: I know it is. But the question is the cause of the problem.

VISHNUPRIYA: You are the A1 accused one in the case. This is a normal SC/ST case. You have studied Law and don’t you know that we have to file a charge sheet in 30 days + 60 days in amendment. Then we’ll have to give a reason and reply but it is not good for you. If we keep saying the Court that the accused is absconding and we are not able to file a charge sheet in this case and that’s why the case is taking a long time you are creating all the actions and the police is reacting. If you come and surrender we will leave everyone else. Everyone will see to their own business. Everyone is suffering because of a single person, you. I am telling you come and surrender and I will record whatever you speak. Then it will end. You can see the case in the court, but why are you not doing it?

YUVRAJ: Whatever you are talking is fine madam. I accept it is practical.

VISHNUPRIYA: Not just practical. You come and surrender and I will ensure that we take only the legal actions. But you haven’t surrendered so far. I have attended a murder case in Pallipalayam and the accused surrendered one by one. You come and surrender and we will follow all legal formalities. Once you are secured we will have no one else to arrest. Now you keep running from place to place.

YUVRAJ: Not just running Mam, it is a deadly run. *sigh*

VISHNUPRIYA: That’s what I’m saying. There is no necessity for it if you come and surrender tomorrow. Then it is just you and me. You have to face the case legally with the court. No one will come and interfere. You don’t have to worry. You’ll have to face only me. I’m the investigation officer. You should only fear me. But you are worried about others. Then the case is closed and who’s going to arrest anybody else after arresting A1. No one else.

YUVRAJ: Definitely no more

VISHNUPRIYA: Then why are you still absconding? You are saying that you are absconding because other persons have been arrested. You don’t understand that they have been arrested because of you only.

YUVRAJ: No Mam, since more sections were involved I’m taking this step.

VISHNUPRIYA: What section? Nothing is there. Nobody has a personal motive on you in any department.

YUVRAJ: You do not know Mam. I know and that is why I am talking to you. You don’t have anything against me. I know it 100 %. I know you are acting legally but many others have it and I have audio proof for that.

VISHNUPRIYA: See, you keep all the proof, but the situation is tense and everyone is asking why I haven’t caught you? OK. What did your younger brother do?

YUVRAJ: The problem is he doesn’t know anything.

VISHNUPRIYA: Yes, but his wife is suffering that her life is wretched and she is crying daily.

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