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09 Dec 2023, Edition - 3070, Saturday

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WhatsApp workshop on Qi-gong, Chinese medical exercise

Neya Tabitha


Instant food, instant delivery, instant messages- we are living in a world where technology has brought almost everything to our fingertips. With just a click of a button or the touch of a screen, a host of services are available to us, be it hiring cabs or paying bills.

Even classes are taught online and workshops are held in whatsapp groups. The advantage is that it can reach out to a wider audience who can access it anywhere, any time. Sonika Vickraman, Taichi practioner and trainer at the Alan Thilak Taichi School, is conducting a whatsapp workshop on how to harness Qi (life force) and use it to heal our bodies from stress, anger, fatigue, and fear.

The Qi-gong workshop starts from 05.12.2019 and goes on for 5 days where she will be posting videos with verbal instructions on the gentle movements and breathing methods for attaining Qi. She will be posting PDF documents as well so the members can read it and understand the movements better. Qi-gong is a traditional Chinese medicinal exercise that includes healing movements and breathing methods specifically meant to target organs like the Stomach, Heart, Liver, and Lungs for preventing and healing diseases.

“The people’s fast-paced lifestyle has made it difficult for most of them to travel from one place to another just for a workshop or class. And even if they do, they are stressed out by the time they find a parking space in all the traffic.” she says

To avoid such hassles, she has decided to take her class to the digital platform where her reach is wider and her students can access it at anytime of the day. People from Canada, Singapore, and America have reached out to her since, she says.

She adds that the invitation is open to all. They can also visit her during her review classes that she conducts once a month for any queries regarding the exercises. Hailing from New Delhi, Sonika Vickraman has been in this field for thirty years, teaching people and liberating them from the stress bound lives they lead. She also visits New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru to train other trainers of her art.

This workshop can help de-stress, prevent and heal the body. It can increase mental focus and enhance energy levels.To contact her, call +91 9843132079

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