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World Egg Day: ‘I am an eggetarian!’

Indrani Thakurata

‘Sunday ho ya Monday, Roz Khao Ande’, do you recall this famous advertisement? Dietician Sheela Seharawat talks about the wonder food called egg and why it should be a part of your breakfast.

Had egg for the breakfast today? Well, you will be glad to know that you just ate the healthiest food in the world. Yes, egg is the healthiest food you can ever eat. Eggs have the highest nutritional value, not only that, eggs are delicious too.

To cherish the existence of eggs, IEC Vienna conference in 1996 proclaimed that World Egg Day will be celebrated on the second Friday of the October each year onwards, well it deserved to be. Since the ancient times, eggs have always been an important part of our diet. Eggs contain all the precisely required nutrition and proteins required by the human body. “It is better to eat eggs in the breakfast rather than other things. It has all the high quality nutrition and minerals required by our body and keeps you active all day long and helps your metabolism” says Dietician Sheela Seharawat (Founder- Diet Clinic Health Care Pvt. Ltd.)

There is no doubt that when it comes to adaptability and source of natural protein at an affordable cost, nothing can beat the eggs. Eggs are the best source of Choline. Choline is a nutrient which is very precious for human body but most of us aren’t getting enough amount of this. Choline enhances the memory, brain power, growth of muscles and enhances the immunity power of the body and also contributes in eye wellness. Eggs are the main sources of nutrition for the sports persons and athletes too.

There is a long list if we talk about the benefits of eggs. But let’s take a look at few of them. You’ll be surprised to know that eggs help you shed some weight and control the cholesterol level and reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Eggs are no less than a blessing for the pregnant women because eggs are wealthy in minerals, vitamins, protein and fat and many other important nutrients. One whole egg contains Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Vitamin A, and Vitamin B5, Selenium and many other vitamins and minerals like potassium, iron, calcium, zinc, manganese, Folate, Vitamin A and a lot more. “During pregnancy I was advised eggs. Though I am a vegetarian, I turned into an eggetarian once I was advised too. And thereafter I fell in love with eggs Now I am a eggetarian,” says Archana Pandey, a housewife.

If you eat one egg per day that means you are taking 75 calories, 7 grams of protein, 5 grams of fat and some amount of carbohydrates too. It is important to know that yolk contains maximum amount of nutrients. According to a research eating 3 whole eggs everyday is very beneficial for health.

Eggs are for everyone, people of all ages, races and from different walks of life. Add eggs to your daily diet for a healthy lifestyle.

“Eating eggs is a favor that you can do to yourself. Eggs are versatile and best source of natural protein and minerals. These play a major role in disease prevention. Eggs are a must for women during pregnancy as it contains Choline and helps in brain growth of the baby.” says Dr. Sandeep Lather – Pediatrics and Neonatology Expert, Neocare


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