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29 Nov 2023, Edition - 3060, Wednesday

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Deforestation Largely Responsible for Floods Killing More Than 1,200 People in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh

by businesswireindia.com

Business Wire India

Floods in India are always taking a tremendous toll on life and property. Recently, an estimate of 11 million people in Bangladesh, India, and Nepal were distressingly perturbed by the flooding and landslides resulting from the monsoon rains. While many callously chose to refer it as an act of God, we chose to believe otherwise Mr. Satinder Chawla inferred that such floods are closely related to deforestation, which if not curtailed could pave the way for a slow-motion horror story. He further ascertained that sustainability is a two-fold mechanism which can help combat such a problem. His brand Span Floors pioneers in marketing products that do not harm the ecological balance of our earth. He is a replenisher of environmental resources and a passionate steward of legal foresting methods that provides preeminent flooring.
With a serious and continuous degradation in forests, there is nothing to regulate the flow of our mighty rivers, thus controlling erosion and stabilizing soil. It doesn't take an environmentalist to figure the root cause of a problem and recover a solution. Even a layman can reckon, what happens when 25,000 hectares of forests – 250 sq. km, is handed over every year for non-forestry activities. This, followed by illegal logging, ambiguous forest conservation policies and unsustainable forest management makes for an urgent need for governments to do their part in yielding a deforestation-free future.
But, as responsible companies, the onus is on us as well. Even we can make a difference and prevent such calamities caused by deforestation. With an extensive tree wealth existing in the country, there is no responsible harvesting, instead, a rapid consumption in order to meet the changing needs and aspirations of the country.
Impressively, the wood gathered by Span Floors comes from legally harvested sources with stringent third-party certifications as proof. The materials used in the production process are selected based on strict requirements for ecological safety and finished products are regularly tested for formaldehyde content. So you can be assured of a 100% safe environment around you.
While many companies across the world are still finding it challenging to implement sustainable development, Mr. Satinder Chawla already embedded the same within Span Floors’ business model at the time of its inception. He strongly adheres to his belief of building a sustainably inclusive future for not just for one but the next seven generations as well. His precedence no longer restricts Span Floors to being just aesthetically appealing, he leverages durability twined with sustainability in order to serve consumers and Mother Nature in the most efficient manner.
He adds, “There is no better way of emphasizing our resilient towards energy and climate issues than adapting practices that are considerate towards the environment. As a prominent brand name, we carry a guarantee of providing exceptional quality, value and extraordinary service along with being trendsetters in the Indian designer wooden flooring industry. After all, investing in nature is at times the best way to solve complex problems.” Source: Businesswire