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23 Apr 2024, Edition - 3206, Tuesday

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Expedia Flight & Hotel Etiquette Survey 2018: Indians 3rd Most Frequent Travellers in Asia-Pacific Region, With an Average 7.6 Flights per Year

by businesswireindia.com

Business Wire India
  • Indians #1 to have engaged with an airline over social media about their travel experiences while at the airport, at the gate, or on the plane (34%)
  • Indians #1 to tip the concierge for a room upgrade (20%)
Expedia®, the world’s largest full-service online travel agency, today released the results of the 2018 Flight & Hotel Etiquette study, an annual survey on Flight and hotel behaviour of travellers across 23 countries in the world.

Indians are #1 globally to often engage in a conversation, when sitting next to someone they don't know (59%) and probably the reason why 70% Indian travellers also dread sitting next to someone who talks too much. Indians find seat kicker/bumper/grabbers (32%, #1), inattentive parents (30%, #1) and audio insensitive passengers (30%), most annoying in a flight or at the airport. Despite these factors, Indians agree that generally, airline travel is fun and exciting (89%, #1), and for most part, fellow passengers are considerate of other passengers (80%).

Indian travellers prefer big chain hotel (29%) followed by vacation/holiday rental (22%, #1), boutique hotel (15%) and short-term room rental (11%, #2) the most. The least preferred accommodations include hostels (39%) and bed and breakfasts with shared bathrooms (29%).

Manmeet Ahluwalia, Marketing Head, Brand Expedia in India says “The findings are a testimony of the growth in traffic being experienced by the aviation industry, as Indians are the 3rd most frequent travellers in Asia-Pacific region, with average 7.6 flights per year after Thailand and Japan. Indians are also increasing shifting to technology as 67% Indians check-in online (#7) while 18% check-in on mobile (#1) and the country stands at #2 in the number of people using the boarding pass on a mobile device (29%) after Thailand”.

Behaviour Onboard
  • Majority of Indians (79%, #1) prefer window seat
  • 53% of Indians (#1) recline their seats only when they are going to sleep, 48% of Indians (#1) recline if it’s a long flight (3 hours or more) and 23% recline when the person in front of them does (#2) New Zealand (24%, #1)
  • To get to the airplane aisle, the most appropriate way to pass a sleeping passenger according to Indians is to wake them up (52%, #6) and ask them to move
  • 77% of Indians (#4) always keep their shoes and socks on during a flight – Mexico (85%), Thailand (81%), Italy (80%), India (77%) & Spain (77%)
  • 41% Indians (#1) have asked a fellow passenger to move seats so they could sit with a friend, colleague or loved one including a child.
  • 30% of Indians (#1) have asked the passenger in front of them to un-recline their seat
  • 25% of Indians (#1) read confidential material or work on documents in flight
  • 34% (#1) have engaged with an airline over social media about their travel experiences while at the airport, at the gate, or on the plane
  • 14% (#2) Ignored carry-on baggage rules (e.g. bringing on more bags than the airline permits or bringing oversized bags)
  • 13% of Indians (#2), after South Korea (24%)) got drunk on a flight
  • Indians #1 at being sexually intimate with someone on a plane with 8% people accepting this
Not Happening!

When flying on an airline, Indians would never be under the drug/alcohol (61%) and 63% would never watch an X-rated movie with violent or sexual scenes. Indians are the least to Read confidential material or work-related documents (44%, #2), drink the coffee offered on an airplane (19%, #1) & use the airplane restroom (19%, #1).

Misbehaviour Not on!

If in case of a passenger misbehaving, Indians would notify airline staff on the plane (68%), 14% would confront a misbehaving passenger directly (#4), while 11% would remain quite/ignore it and 7% Indians would record the incident using their phone video/camera (#2).

Important Aspects

The most important factors important for Indians, when booking air travel are the departure/arrival time (96%, #1) followed by total cost of flight (94%), airline (93%, #1), Fees (bags, seat selection, etc.) (91%), selecting their own seat (#3), number of stops (89%), Seatback/in-flight entertainment (84%, #1), perks (free beverages/snacks, free checked bags) (83%, #5) and status/frequent flyer (81%, #1).

When travelling, Indians would consider paying for in-flight Wi-Fi (43%, #1) and to upgrade their seat at the gate/check-in kiosk (40%, #1).

Most annoying behaviours: Airport and airplane 

Seat Kicker/Bumper/Grabber (32%, #1), Inattentive Parent (30%, #1), Audio Insensitive (30%), Personal Space Violator (28%, #3), Baggage Mishandler (26%, #1), Queue Jumper (24%, #2), Aromatic Passenger (23%, #1), Security Newbie (20%, #2), Pungent Foodie (19%, #2), Armrest Hog (19%, #1), Airplane Mode Violator (18%, #3)

Indians agree
  • A little small talk is fine, but I prefer to keep to myself for most of the flight – 87 % (#4)
  • It's ok to wake a passenger if they are snoring- 71% (#1)
  • The person seated in the middle of the row is entitled to both armrests – 58% (#1)
  • They often drink more than 2 alcoholic beverages during air travel (including beverages consumed at the airport or onboard)- 34% (#1)

During hotel stay:
  • 21% Indians have complained about another guest to the front desk (#1)
  • 18% Indians have been locked out of their room in a bathrobe because they forgot their key or misplaced it (#1)
  • 17% Indians have used the minibar items and replaced them to avoid paying additional charges (#1)
  • 14% Indians have let multiple people sleep in their room without notifying the hotel (#3)
  • 14% Indians have haggled with the check-in clerk regarding room rates (#2)
  • 13% Indians have smoked in a non-smoking room (#2)
  • 28% Indians have booked a hotel room for the purpose of being intimate with someone (#3), 21% have had a fling with someone they met in the hotel (#1), 21% have invited a stranger up to their room that they met online/on a dating app (#1) and 14% have ordered an X-rated adult movie to watch on TV (#1)
Booking Considerations
  • Important factors while booking a hotel are location (96%, #6), price (95%), family-friendliness (94%, #1), room size (93%, #1), food & beverage options (room service, minibar, bar & restaurant on premises, vending machines, etc.)- (92%, #1), eco-friendly (91%, #1), star rating (91%, #1), complimentary wi-fi (91%), room with a view (ocean, city, etc.) (88%, #2), recommendations from family/friends (88%, #2), uniqueness of hotel, property, room design, etc. (87% (#1), hotel brand (86%, #1), complimentary parking (85%), outdoor space or grounds (85%, #1), accessibility (wheelchair, handicap parking, automated door, elevator, wide entry doorways, etc.)- (85% (#1), 3rd party reviews (83%, #3), ability to earn and redeem rewards points (80%, #1), adult-only (54%, #1), pet friendly (54%, #1)
  • Important hotel amenities are room service (96%, #1) followed by Wi-Fi (93%), in-room entertainment options (93%, #1), in-room compact fridge to store items such as food + drinks, medicine, etc. (89%,#1), complimentary toiletries (89%, #4), freebies such as spa credits, Wi-Fi, food & beverage credits, etc.(87%, #5), complimentary snacks (85%, #1), bar and restaurant on premises (77%), pool (74%,#2), mini-bar stocked with food and beverages for purchase (74%, #1), gym/fitness center (72%, #1), spa/masseuse (66%, #1), babysitting/day care/nanny service (62%, #1)
Most annoying behaviours and things at the Hotel
  • Most annoying hotel guests as per Indians include Bar Boozer (35%), In-Room Revelers (33%, #3), Inattentive Parents (32%, #1), Hallway Hellraisers (31%, (#3), Party-goers (29%), Complainers (27%), Loudly Amorous (27%, #4), Bickerers (25%), Hot Tub Canoodlers (16%, #3), Elevator Chatterbox (16%, #1)
  • The most annoying things Indians find upon checking into their hotel rooms include bed bugs (41%, #5), cigarette smoke or foul smell (38%), hair in the bed (35%), finding a used condom or opened condom wrapper (32%, #1), hair in the shower (25%), no windows (22%, #6), room key malfunction annoying (22%, #3), no TV remotes (20%, #1), inconveniently placed outlets to plug in devices (18%, #2), no robe/slippers (9%, #1), no iron or ironing board (9%, #1).
  • Indians switch hotel rooms if, the room is dirty (displeasing smell, stained linen, etc.) – (73% #1), they are generally displeased with the state of the room (46%, #2), they are near noisy neighbours or common areas (52%), room is too hot or too cold (35%), it has a bad view (27%, #1), or it is too close to elevators (17%, #1)

This study was conducted on behalf of Expedia by Northstar Research Partners, a global strategic research firm. The survey was conducted online across North America, Europe, South America and Asia-Pacific using an amalgamated group of best-in-class panels. The interview was conducted in the appropriate local language(s) of each country. The study was conducted among 18,229 respondents across 23 countries.https://cms.businesswireindia.com/images/pixel.gif
Source: Businesswire