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23 Jul 2024, Edition - 3297, Tuesday

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Fifth Dham – Sanatana Dharma the RSS Way – A Step Closer to Reality

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The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) along with 1008 Names of Shivas Association, have hitched a ride together on a path breaking journey for the establishment of the Fifth Dham in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  Addressing the media, Senior RSS functionary Mr. Indresh Kumar, a devout RSS functionary who rose from the grass roots to now reach the top echelons of India’s oldest and most disciplined organization feels that the movement that has started in 2018 shall lead to something what historians may talk with bated breadth in a few years to come. Praising the media for their inspired journalism, Mr. Kumar says that together we will be etching history. He was all praise for Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, the conceiver and conceptualizer of the Fifth Dham, under whose directions an entire team of designers, architects and senior leaders and corporate honchos started the journey and today have created a concept that will benefit mankind in a way that has not been seen since the construction of the Ankor Wat. 1008 Names of Shivas with the blessings of an entire nation has pledged to complete the construction of the Fifth Dham with the support of everyone and has taken it upon itself to mobilise the necessary resources viz. manpower, physical and mental required to complete the construction of the Fifth Dham with complete and able support of every functionary.


Mr. Indresh Kumar ji and Gurujee Kumaran Swami 

The journey would not have been possible without the support of the other trustees along with Mr. Indresh Kumar and Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani viz. Gurujee Kumaran Swamiji – Spiritual Guru, Mr. Shailesh Vats – RSS Functionary and Coordinator, Mr. Shyam Palande – RSS – Incharge of overseas operations, Dato Ramakrishnan Nair – Malaysian India Businessmen, Dato Venugopalan – Malaysian Indian Businessman, Mr. Nitin Gupta, Director, COSMOTECH, Mr. Rahul Shah, Director, Master Tour Organisers, Ms. Mary Mam – Director, Cambodian Operations of SRAM & MRAM and corporate honchos Mr. Ramu Kalanjiam Venkatraman – Director, Om Lakshmi Bhavan chain of Restaurants. A concept, a dream conceived by 1008 Names of Shivas Member Trustee Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani and put into motion of reality by the willingness of all the above functionaries of the trust for over two years and have been taking all the right steps steadily but surely to ascertain what they think is India’s gift to the world as Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. With the world watching India and its growth trajectory, the giants have been setting the tone for the future of Sanatana Dharma. 29th November will see the beginning of a new journey for the Fifth Dham with the biggest congregation and cultural event being organized under the aegis of 1008 Names of Shivas and a few corporates under their CSR activities. Cambodia will be witnessing a deluge of visitors during the 29th of November 2019 to the 3rd of December 2019, including saints, rishis, gurus, politicians, bureaucrats, diplomats, and people from all religions and faith to participate in the event to commemorate the first anniversary of the stone laying ceremony of the Fifth Dham at Siem Reap, Cambodia. The event will be organized under the tutelage of 1008 Names of Shivas


Speaking at a press conference organized in New Delhi to commence the forward March to Siem Reap, Cambodia, Mr. Indresh Kumar says it’s the dedication and hard work of associations like 1008 Names of Shivas that peace be achieved throughout the world through the practice of Sanatana Dharma and hence was conceived the Fifth Dham. With a pluralistic society like India taking the lead in what could be the next positive step for the coming decade, the people of the Indian Diaspora across the world will need to contribute their might by taking part in the rallies that will be organized from now on until the completion of the temple work. With the necessary machinery in motion to mobilise the necessary resources and taking the plunge to set up what would become the biggest pilgrimage centre in the East Asian countries, Cambodia’s name will once again be etched in History for having the second largest Hindu temple after the Angkor Wat. History will not say who built the temple but will praise the efforts of every global citizen who will be inking their mark in the Sanatana Dharma movement. The largest congregation of saints, rishis, gurus, politicians, bureaucrats, diplomats, and people from all religions and faith and various religious groups across the globe have pledged their wholehearted support for the Fifth Dham at SiemReap, Cambodia.


Mr. Shailesh Vats, RSS functionary and coordinator for the event, is the man Friday for the Fifth Dham initiative. He and his team of zealous enthusiasts have burnt the midnight oil to ensure that the initiative be successful and have left no stone unturned to ensure the success of the Fifth Dham. Its their cooperative strength that gives the impetus to organisations like 1008 Names of Shivas Association to pull of an event of this size. He has been constantly garnering the necessary people to join the army of volunteers to give shape to the new initiative.


The quadrilateral forming the four Dham’s are in India viz. Badrinath, Dwaraka, Puri Jagannath and Rameshwaram and the same will include Siem Reap to form the Fifth Dham forming a pentagon. With the congregation of the Asian Diaspora at the event in Siem Reap in Cambodia to participate in the event, this could mark out to be the future destination of every SanatanaDharma follower in the world. The initiative led by the RSS and the 1008 Names of Shivas Association in Cambodia plans to make this a blockbuster event in every Sanatana Dharma followers calender.


1008 Names of Shivas Association, the flagbearer for the Fifth Dham in Cambodia, has been at the forefront of various cultural activities and has been trying to unite the East Asian nations through the Fifth Dham initiative and help fostering the thought process viz. Sanatana Dharma. Senior leader like Gurujee Kumaran Swamiji have been dedicating their entire cosmic energy for the betterment of humanity and mankind. Gurujeehas pledged his support completely for the task ahead. He and his team of Dham followers will be able to bring in the necessary expertise to complete the task ahead and ensure that the agendas of the 1008 Names of Shivas association stands for.


With the entire machinery working as a cohesive unit with German like precision the dream of the Fifth Dham under the aegis of the 1008 Names of Shivas looks safe and a certainty and seems it will see the light. Mr.Shyam Palande, one of the trustees of 1008 Names of Shivas Association will consecrate all his efforts towards this noble cause and has put the overseas wheels of 1008 Names of Shivas Association on motion to support the initiatives taken by their Cambodian chapter and have decided to dedicate their foreseeable future for the noble cause and etch their anonymous names in history without taking credit for anything. He feels that top Indian corporates across the globe are ready to join hands and help develop the same partly by their contributions towards their respective CSR activities and getting a movement started by involving the people of Indian and Asian origin to participate in this massive movement.


Media magnates like Mr. Ashutosh Singh of Kalam Media hasbeen prognostic about the future of the Indian diaspora and the effect of the Sanatana Dharma in uniting all of them together. He has been writing for more initiatives that would bind the Sanatana Dharma followers. He and his entire team of journalists have been organizing events to spread the awareness of the Fifth Dham among the Asian countries.


Prominent Indian Business houses have been providing all the logistics and other support to the event. Om Lakshmi Bhavan, a restaurant chain from South India belonging to the Prominentbusiness house, High Power have pledged to provide free meals to every person visiting the Fifth Dham. Its owner Mr. Ramu Kalanjiam Venkatraman, a high-profile businessman has plans to open 1,000 restaurants across the globe in association with SRAM & MRAM group. Almost all the recipes that adorn his menu card are personally prepared by his family for over a century and the fragrance has captured the hearts of many patrons. He has now pledged to take the brand globally and make his presence felt across the world in association with SRAM & MRAM group. Also, Om Lakshmi Bhavan has already invested 20% to acquire the land area required for the construction of the Fifth Dham along with SRAM & MRAM Group.   


Mr. Nitin Gupta, Cosmootech Solutions, Director, scientist, researcher and technocrat and also the owner of multiple patents and creator of energy efficient solutions in the renewable energy market has been a trendsetter in helping build the Fifth Dham. He has over 15 years of research in the respective fields of his expertise. He like other leading corporates have been making their mighty contributions for the movement. He and his team of architects Makarand Gadgil and Associates have been working round the clock to ensure that the event is a success and the entire idea of the Fifth Dham is conceived in its right spirit. A technocrat par excellence and an architect capable of building a masterpiece, the duo have been lighting the way for an entire generation to feel proud.


Other Corporate heads viz. Mr. Mahendra Joshi, Director, Mahendra Exports, Mr. Pardeep Batra, Restaurateur and shareholder of SRAM & MRAM Group, and Mr. Rahul Shah, Director, Master Tour Organisers, SRAM & MRAM’s travel partner have all pledged financial and human resources support to the initiatives and are being inducted into the 1008 Names of Shivas Association as Trustees. Their CSR activities will carry the light of the Fifth Dham under the able guidance and leadership of Mr. Thomas Mathew, Director – Group Financial Operations, SRAM & MRAM Group ably assisted by Mr. Natesh Sharma, Financial Wizard, Director – SRAM & MRAM – Middle East Operations and Mr. Kannan. Special mention needs to given to the team of 1008 Names of Shivas led by Cambodian heavy weights viz. Ms. Mary Mam and Ms. Sothary along with their assistants Mr. Mengkong, Ms. Catherine, Mr. Ridhi have been the pillars of strength for the Dham. The team has been  the Fulcrum around which the Dham Initiative is progressing as it should be.

Source: Newsvior

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