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21 Jul 2024, Edition - 3295, Sunday

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  • TN Governer RN Ravi ‘s tenure to end by July 31. Home Ministry mulling extension.
  • High Court on the three criminal laws: Laws may cause confusion among the public.Govt should have consulted the legal Commission before implementing it.
  • Due to crowdstrike update irregularities in Microsoft applications, airline services in India and other data online services comes to a halt.
  • Coimbatore gets another flight as Indigo announced flight to Abudhabi from August 10. The flight will operate thrice a week.


Get Detailed Insights Into Your Business Partners and Competitors With Tofler’s Company360 Lite

by businesswireindia.com

Business Wire India
Want to know more about your competitors or business partners? Want to explore your and other company’s network? Or want to know how the executives interact with other companies? Tofler’s new launch Company360 Lite can help you in this. You can now find all the information about your business partners, competitors, vendors and other clients in Company360 Lite, compiled in an easy to understand format. You can understand how your competitors, business partners and clients have been performing. Are they growing or losing money, you can explore other companies in your network and much more.

Applications of Tofler’s New Company360 Lite:
  • Competitor Benchmarking
Competitor benchmarking helps you to measure the company information using a specified list of metrics for a variety of competitors. Company benchmarking will give you access to know the company's success and to compare it with others over time. With the help of competitor benchmarking, you can not only get an organized overview of how your company performs on different levels, but you can also be competitive in the market. Benchmarking means you can quickly spot whether a rival is doing well or deteriorating–all of which are prime occasions for testing your approach, which will help to measure your company's consolidated financial statements.

Information gathered from competitive benchmarking helps improve company annual reports, and most importantly, company financial reports. It also provides an image of performance gaps and opportunities. The ultimate advantage is to identify the areas of change or progress that inform and shape your company and marketing strategy intelligently.
  • Vendor Onboarding
With the steep increase in the number of fraudulent vendors, word-of-mouth isn't enough consolation when you're picking a vendor. Company360 Lite gives you detailed information about the vendor you’re thinking of transacting with. There are several points to be kept in mind when choosing a vendor for your business.
  1. Have they been witnessing a downfall? Is it temporary or because of fraudulent behavior?
  2. Are their directors involved in too many ventures? Will they be able to focus on your demands?
  3. Are their registration details updated and authentic? Company360 Lite helps you verify important KYC details and consolidated financial statements of vendors.
  4. Are they or have they ever been on the Defaulters' list of RBI, SEBI, or MCA?
  5. Are they buying reviews to project an unrealistic image?
You can save yourself from such sticky situations by first verifying your vendors and their performance at Company360 Lite. Stay vigilant and always do a thorough check of the company information of a vendor.
  • Customer Evaluation
Customer assessment and evaluation are essential practices that must not be overlooked. Assessing a customer and drawing a road-map ahead is advised to prevent any bad debts.

You can rely on Company360 Lite to understand the vitals of the company you're pitching to. Is the company witnessing an increase or decrease in their revenue? Is it a temporary effect or not? You can go through their company annual reports, check their finances, and assess their credibility through Company360 Lite. Understand the major expense heads of the client and the impact you may have on them. If their revenue has been decreasing steadily, while no such effect is recorded by the rest of the industry, then there might be a reason to worry.
  •  Business Development
Company360 Lite allows you to discover companies across India by revenues, industry, location, age and other filters. This way you can get a list of your potential clients to target and you can start monitoring them on Company360 Lite. Tofler is one of the rare companies in India to provide such a facility to SMEs for their sales acceleration.
Other Services Offered by Company360 Lite:
  • Financials and easy to understand reports of Indian companies
  • Company360 Enterprise for big corporates to monitor their industry

Source: Businesswire