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24 Jun 2024, Edition - 3268, Monday

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HashedIn Accelerates iSaaS Services and Grows Revenue 200 Percent

by businesswireindia.com

Business Wire India
Software as a Service (SaaS) is rapidly transforming the way businesses operate. Organizations across the globe are embracing SaaS technologies to meet their operational challenges, and improve efficiency. HashedIn is the first company in the world to launch Intelligent Software As A Service (iSaaS) solution designed to help fast-growing companies build, scale, and manage winning SaaS applications.
We are ushering in a revolutionary new way to address the SaaS challenges for companies of all sizes. No two businesses are alike. As such, every business needs a highly customized software solution to intelligently manage their technical complexities and meet their business specific goals. The latest Intelligent SaaS (iSaaS) offering is aimed to help companies create smart SaaS solutions that are most compatible with their existing process and business needs.
– Himanshu Varshney, CEO, and founder of HashedIn.
Even traditional businesses want to transform or augment the SaaS model. HashedIn has been a valuable technology partner for Mahindra Trringo, an organized rental services for tractors and agricultural equipment. Using their deep SaaS technology and expertise, the team successfully built and launched close to 10 different powerful SaaS applications to improve technical and business efficiency.
Intelligent SaaS for Business Transformation
Started in 2010 as a cloud-native company, HashedIn has been building native SaaS apps for over a decade now. Their global iSaaS clientele includes some of the fastest growing companies in the world like Honeywell, Corel, Treebo, and Mahindra Trringo. The four pillars of HashedIn’s iSaaS offerings are as follows:
  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: The team also builds intelligent automated systems powered by AI and ML. These solutions can make operational tasks easier and also empower decision making.
  1. Integrations: Through sophisticated automation tools and DevOps, HashedIn helps clients to successfully meet their integration needs. The team also focuses on improving the quality of existing codes.
  1. Data Analytics and Engineering: By offering a range of data analytics and engineering services like smart extraction, transformation, analysis and visualization, HashedIn also aims to help their clientele effectively manage their business data.
  1. UI/UX Modernization for Legacy Applications: HashedIn also helps “Re-invent” existing legacy software assets to achieve strategic goals. This includes improving agility through DevOps automation, transforming UI/UX, and rewrite of application codes if required.
The Chief Business Officer at HashedIn Technologies, Harshit Singhal says, “Traditional SaaS solutions often fail to deliver adequate customization and scope for extensions. That’s where our Intelligent SaaS (iSaaS) services come into the picture. By engineering intelligent SaaS solutions that are tailor-made to match the business needs, we help companies reach their full potential. As we spoke to more companies, we realized just how massive the scope for iSaaS is. There has been a substantial increase in our business since the adoption of the iSaaS model, with revenues shooting up by 2x in a single quarter.”
With their latest iSaaS offering, HashedIn has doubled their sales in the last quarter with customers from various industry sectors. By partnering with HashedIn, companies gain full-fledged IT support to run SaaS applications.
Powering IT transformations with advanced SaaS capabilities
HashedIn’s iSaaS offering covers all the technical components for Intelligent SaaS including cloud, software architecture creation, product development, modern UI/UX design, multi-tenancy, micro-services, containerization, cyber-security, and software testing. HashedIn is equipped with the advanced technical tools, resources, and partnerships to act as an extended technology team for their global clients. The key highlights of HashedIn’s developmental capabilities are as follows:e to be recognized as a Great Place to Work in 2018. The company has an innovation-driven work culture with a highly skilled technical team. 
  • Technical Skills: With a decade of experience in developing successful SaaS applications, HashedIn brings in the technical skills and expertise required to drive successful IT projects. HashedIn also runs an intensive training program for their new campus recruits through the HashedIn University, a concept reviewed and extolled in Harvard Business Review. The program equips new developers with the skills required to build products from scratch. HashedIn is also the only IT service company from Bangalore to be recognized as a Great Place to Work in 2018. The company has an innovation-driven work culture with a highly skilled technical team.
  • Custom IP and Products: The HashedIn team uses both open source technology and custom IP, developed in-house to tackle developmental challenges. They have developed over 10 solutions and frameworks for developers including JinjaSQL (a report building software), and SqueaLy (a microservice for business intelligence and analytics). They also have their own SaaS products like Anvaa (a field service management tool), MeetNotes (a meeting assistant tool), and RDB tools (a cross-platform GUI for optimizing Redis).
  • Strategic Partnerships: The company also has strong partnerships with SalesForce, Redis Labs, and AWS. By leveraging on the partnerships, and powerful integration platforms like Integro, the team has built many winning SaaS applications. 
“We owe our iSaaS success to our highly trained team, our process expertise, and advanced developmental capabilities,” said Anshuman Singh, Chief Operating Officer, HashedIn Technologies. He added, “Our technical breadth is vast, covering some of the most powerful technologies like Python, Docker, React, Redis etc. From the beginning, we have been investing in the right tools, resources, and partnership to excel at every stage of the software development life cycle.”
With their revolutionary iSaaS offering, HashedIn aims to help companies access smart SaaS solutions that are efficient, fast, agile, and cost-effective.
For more information:
Read our case studies: https://hashedin.com/case-studies/
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Learn about our partners: https://hashedin.com/partnerships/
Source: Businesswire