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29 Feb 2024, Edition - 3152, Thursday

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10 Signs You Are Finally Ready For Love Again



What does that moment look like, the point when you know you are ready to love again?

Recovering from a break up is hard; it drains you emotionally, mentally and even physically. But it needs to be done for you to move on. It is an essential to-do for your well-being. It is essential for life to go on, so that one day you are ready to love again, open your heart and soul to someone else, and eventually find the happiness that you were searching for with someone else.

But when does that point come? How do you know that you are ready for that step? What does that point look like, when you know you are ready to love again?

Well, here are some things to size up to help you decide if whether it is time for you to get in the game again.

1. You have spent enough time by yourself, enough to not need anyone to complete you. You have spent enough time by yourself to know how and in what way you complete yourself.

2. You don’t think about your ex or the memories you both made together with a wistful longing, or sadness over what could have been. Everything doesn’t remind you of them.

3. You are okay with being alone for a while…and you aren’t consciously looking for someone (a rebound) to fill the void that your last relationship has left you with.

4. You are excited about the prospect of meeting new people and the amazing possibilities that lie ahead of you. There is clarity on the past where you know that you and your ex couldn’t have worked out after all.

5. You have learned what you your last relationship were supposed to teach you.

6. Your happiness doesn’t depend on what your ex is doing or how much they has moved on in his life. Your happiness doesn’t depend on them at all.

7. You are emotionally available, ready to take the leap of faith, not pulled down by fears that your break up left you in, and willing to give someone a fair chance.

8. You know exactly what you want from a relationship and what it is that you are looking for. And if this time it doesn’t work out, you will be able to be mindful of why it wasn’t for you.

9. You don’t set your ex or that relationship has a scale for the experiences you will share with someone now.

10. You have actively worked on yourself and towards building yourself to be the best version of yourself. You love yourself first, and love yourself enough.

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