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04 Feb 2023, Edition - 2762, Saturday

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3 Little Ways To Show Someone You Love Them



Telling someone you love them and actually making them feel loved are two different things. More often than not, those two things are taken to be the same. Unfortunately for those who do think it’s the same thing, there’s some bad news – it is far from the truth. We’ve all heard of the proverb “actions speak louder than words” at some point or another – and probably for good reason. Words come by easy, actions don’t. Saying is effortless, actions on the other hand, they require a good amount of effort. You get the idea.

Making someone feel loved is as much a matter of doing things big and small as it is of being expressive through words. There are little ways in which you can make your partner feel loved – and believe it or not, you can do this without actually drilling a hole into your wallet.

1. Write them a note

Sounds like an old-school cliche that, believe it or not, will still work wonders. Penning down your thoughts onto a piece of paper versus sending out a text message can have very different impacts. For one, a handwritten note is something they get to keep and cherish forever. And more importantly, a letter or a note written in your own handwriting has different sentiment. It’s way more personal than any email or text can ever be. In a small way, it shows that you’re willing to make an effort and forgo the complacency.

2. Learn (about) something they love

It can be as small as learning about a sport they love so you can spend an evening watching it together, or reading their favourite book or watching a show they once recommended. These small things can make a big impact and make someone feel special, cared for and heard.

3. Celebrate the little milestones

Even a small work promotion counts as an opportunity to celebrate. Or the first time the two of you met? As cheesy as these things sound, it’s an additional excuse to celebrate each other and what the two of you have together. Be each others’ cheerleaders and make sure to always back each other up.

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