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23 Feb 2024, Edition - 3146, Friday

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3 Questions To Ask Your Interviewer Before Saying Yes To A Job



When you’re going in for an interview, it’s obvious and natural for you to prepare yourself for a bunch of questions that you think your interviewer is going to ask you. Do you give a thought to the questions you should be asking your interviewer, though? Other than the obvious questions that every other candidate will ask the interviewer about their potential place of work, there are a few questions that’ll help you understand the place better and make you stand out to your interviewer. Even your interviewer will appreciate being asked something other than the usual run of the mill questions. Here are a few questions to shoot at your potential employee the next time you have a job interview.

1. How can I add value to the team?

Instead of asking a straight “what is expected of me in this role”, try and rephrase the question in a way that shows the interviewer that you want to be an asset to the company and your potential team. Asking how you can add value shows that you understand that there is already a competent team in place and you will be a valued addition if you become a part of it. It emphasises your consideration for the company and the team, rather than showing you as only being concerned about your own work and success.

2. What is the one quality you hope for your employees to have?

This one questions begs a concise and well thought out response that will help you, as a potential employee, to understand the work culture of the place you’re applying for. The one quality that the employer is hoping for should speak largely of the people that work in that company. Not only will it give you an insight into the kind of people that you could end up working with, but it’ll also help you understand whether or not this is the right place for you.

3. What is the one challenge that could come along with this role?

Again, asking a specific question, that requires a specific answer helps both you and the interviewer. It allows the interviewer to gather their thoughts and actually give you a little more insight into the role in a concise manner. It’ll also give you a chance to think about whether these challenges are something you will be willing or able to take on.

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