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19 Aug 2022, Edition - 2593, Friday

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3 Reasons To Tell Your Crush How You Feel



The “what if” questions never stop. “What if it doesn’t work out? What if he’s not interested? What if?” These are the kind of questions one faces when faced with the happy thoughts of a new crush. I swear to God, in all these years, the number of times I never came out clean about my feelings towards someone is embarrassing only because it says something about my cowardice, or maybe my lack of strength to face my feelings.

But in today’s time of rampant emotions but selective expression, when fodder is easily available online to egg those warm feelings on, should you really be sharing your feelings with a crush? Absolutely.

What if it works out?

This should be first and primary motivation to let someone know what you feel for them. Because you will never know what might happen if you never give it a shot. And life is too short to be living with regret. What if, just like you, that person has a crush on you as well but has the same thoughts as you? Always worth a shot.

You will learn how to deal with your emotions

Even if your fears come to fruition, you will be better for it because you would have addressed your emotions and feelings. That takes courage. And the next time you will come to such a situation, you will be wiser and know better as to how to handle it.

The clarity that comes after

Whatever way the situation goes, you will stop wondering once and for all. Which means the next time a great guy asks you out, you won’t have to turn him down because you have unresolved feelings for someone else.

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