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18 Apr 2024, Edition - 3201, Thursday

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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Sustainable Fashion



As the consumers around the world become more conscious of the choices they make in respect to whatever they buy, there is an ongoing conversation regarding what we are doing to the nature, environment, and Earth in our desire to fulfil all our needs. One such conversation is on sustainable fashion – a brand or fashion nay almost a revolution that demands a shift from fast fashion and fashion that harms the nature and the society. Sustainable fashion is a philosophy that supports eco-fashion and keeps in mind two essential things: the environment and social responsibility.

The concept of sustainable fashion is not new; in fact it has been talked about by various verticals over the years. But now, it is almost like a need of the hour. Big fashion production houses that go with fast fashion and produce clothes for mass consumption, don’t just harm the environment but also choose quantity over quality for gains. That, and reportedly no fair wages to the people making their clothes. In India, there are a lot of brands that have adapted slow fashion as their mantra. Here’s why you should too.

It contributes to green environment

Sustainable fashion entails making things out of local, biodegradable fabric that can eventually return to the ecosystem after you have worn it out. Textile isn’t wasted, chemicals are used in production, therefore reducing the pollution caused. The companies opting for sustainable fashion also undertake sustainable practices. Organic fabric, khadi, linen etc and the likes should be your new go to.

Ethical and fair towards employees

Do you know who are the people making clothes in soe village for a huge brand, never reaping the profit of the overpriced shirt they make? No. Cost cutting and unfair labour practices go . hand in hand with fast fashion. By choosing sustainable fashion brands, you choose fair wages and better working conditions for the people making your clothes.

They are so much more fashionable

If for nothing, adapt sustainable fashion because it looks, feels so chic and modish. Especially nowadays, when minimalism is in and there is a conscious return to the roots when it comes to fashion in India. These clothes also last longer, look custom made (which means they look better on you), and make you stand out. All the more reason eh?

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