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20 Apr 2024, Edition - 3203, Saturday

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3 Reasons You Should Date Yourself Before Anyone Else



Dating is overrated – any millennial who has done the whole ‘meet a new guy-feel excitement-be disappointed’ routine will tell you about it. Dating isn’t what it used to be because we aren’t as patient any more, and even if we are, we have a tendency to be self destructive. That latter involves us making everything about the other person, and forgetting that we exist. But slowly, in the wake of conversation on self-love, that is changing. Only we are now trying to find the fine line between looking out for ourselves and being too selfish.

But one won’t have to look for a lot of reasons to agree that we all should learn how to date ourselves before we date someone else. We should be able to love ourselves and spend time alone before we do it with someone else. And if you need more reasons why you should be “going-out” with yourself, here are some.

It is empowering

As simple as that. Knowing that you CAN spend time with yourself, love yourself, look out for yourself, just knowing that is a mighty boost to how secure you feel as a person. It is the same rush you feel when you earn your first salary and know that hereon you are independent.

You discover yourself

Sometimes I wonder, how much does anyone really know us? And more importantly, do we know ourselves well enough? Because if there is anyone who should know us inside out, it is ourselves. When you go do things on your own, interact with people with no motive, spend time alone, you get to learn so many things about yourself. And that is quite essential in personality building.

Self-dates are fun

Have you ever had a meal by yourself? Or taken a solo vacation? Or gone out to see a monument by yourself? Well, let me tell you that it feels great. The feeling of just doing whatever you want and just enjoying your own company feels so exhilarating. Try it something, you will know what I mean.

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