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12 Apr 2024, Edition - 3195, Friday

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3 Things To Do If You’re Feeling Confused In A Relationship



Feeling confused in a relationship is easily one of the most disconcerting feelings. Relationships are an integral part of our lives and an important part of an individual’s overall growth process. Romantic relationships especially have a deep bearing on one’s mind and emotions. Safe to say, being confused in a romantic relationship – about the relationship itself or about one’s partner – is not a nice feeling. Whether it’s your unhappiness about the way the relationship is going that is causing the confusion, or it’s things about your partner that have you feeling that way, you need to find a solution. Sitting on your emotions and letting the confusion fester will be good for no one. So if you find yourself feeling confused about your relationship, here are a few things to consider.

1. Take it slow

Give the relationship, your partner and yourself some room to breathe. Whether it’s early on in the relationship, or you’ve been together a while, don’t jump straight to breaking up and deciding it’s time to move on. Take your time to assess why you’re feeling this way. Is it something temporary that is causing this feeling? Or is it something permanent with no solution? Making a decision like this in haste can leave you feeling worse. So take your time deciding what to want.

2. Try talking to your partner

If you think your partner will be receptive to you taking initiative and telling him/her about how you really feel, find a good time and talk. You never know, what’s bothering you might be bothering them too. If neither of you say anything, you’ll never really know. So instead of just avoiding the conversation and situation altogether, make the move and have a heart to heart conversation. No matter what way the conversation goes, you’re more likely to know what you want to do after it.

3. Trust your gut

If your confusion is the result of a direct action taken by your partner (read: you caught him/her lying about talking to an ex), don’t waste too much time. You know why you’re feeling confused. Address the situation head first. Come out with what you know and how it makes you feel and allow them a chance for explanation. However, if you know that is something absolutely irrevocable and a deal breaker for you, trust your gut and go ahead with what your instinct tells you.

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