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01 Feb 2023, Edition - 2759, Wednesday

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Health & Lifestyle

5 Waxing Mistakes You Could Be Making – Beware



If you’re a woman living in India, chances are that the dreaded waxing appointment is something you’ve had to make on the regular since you were a teenager. You might give it a miss during the winter, but with months of summer ahead of you, there’s really no way you can end up avoiding that hair removing waxing sesh. But have you unknowingly been making mistakes that actually end up making waxing an enemy of the skin and more painful than it needs to be? The frequency with which most of us get waxed might make you believe that there are no mistakes that can be made in this department, but you’ll be surprised. Most of us make these waxing mistakes. Read on to find out what they are.

1. You don’t wait long enough between appointments

We understand that that small pesky hair can sometimes be even more bothersome than the actual full growth. It’s neither here nor there and looks strange when you decide to wear that cute sleeveless top. But getting it waxed again at the stage that it’s just begun to grow will only do your skin more harm. Instead, wait for your hair to at least grow to half of it’s full growth before you decide to get waxed again. Waxing too frequently and when your hair is less than at least half an inch long can also cause undergrowth.

2. You wait too long

Okay, we know we said you shouldn’t wax when your hair is really short and just started growing back. But waiting for your full growth to show up before you wax is also just something you should avoid doing. Not only will it be super painful, but it can also lead to your hair breaking either under or above the surface of your skin. The result of either is not a desirable one.

3. Drinking a cup of coffee before your wax

Sounds bizarre? It sounds bizarre to us too. But the truth is that caffeine actually produces stimulants that can make your skin more sensitive. So the next time you think you need a cup of coffee or a highly caffeinated drink before your waxing appointment, stop and think about that added pain.

4. Taking a hot shower right after

Taking a nice hot shower any time of day or night feels great. But it isn’t great for your skin right after you’ve gotten waxed. The heat from your warm shower will only aggravate any post-wax irritation and redness. It can also lead to the opening of your pores which only leaves your skin more prone to ingrown hair. So wait at least 24 hours before jumping in for a hot water shower.

5. Getting waxed right before your period

If you’re thinking of getting a bikini or brazilian wax, you should remember that your pelvic area is more sensitive in the days leading up to your period. Of course, sometimes, you might not have an option but to get waxed then, but if you can avoid it. Waxing just before your period can actually prove more painful than on just a regular day.

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