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13 Apr 2024, Edition - 3196, Saturday

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Health & Lifestyle

7 Must-Have Beauty Essentials To Keep At Your Work Desk



Working women spend a good chunk of their lives at their office desks. Sometimes, they aren’t even at home that often. It’s also the transition space between presentations and face-to-face sit downs with the boss. That’s why the work desk is so important, for beauty too. With the right products on hand at your work desk, you can look presentable and polished, whether you’re heading for a big business meeting or dinner after work. Keep these seven beauty essentials at your work desk, you never know when you’ll need them.

1. Body Lotion

The direct draft of the air-conditioner can leave skin dry and peeling. What’s even worse is if it has white marks visible over it. This can be corrected quickly with a layer of body lotion over the body which will leave the skin moisturised.

Swirlster Says: Vaseline’s spray moisturiser can do the trick in seconds with a non-messy spray

2. Nail Polish

Chipped nails are an absolute no-no, regardless of where you go. If a chip comes up and you’re packing up for a conference, apple a shade of nail polish from your desk which will conceal it. Keeping a shade match for what you wear regularly will do the trick.

3. Serum

Getting caught in the rain or blown by a gust of breeze are all very real situations that can mess up hair. Since it isn’t possible to walk around the office with a mane that’s worthy of being termed a bird’s nest, serum will do the trick. One or two pumps will tone down frizz and add shine.

Swirlster Says: Livon’s serum is portable, smells great and gets the job done; no wonder it’s a fan favourite.

4. Lipstick

How many times have sudden meetings or plans after work been scheduled without any prior notice? Too many, we know. Even worse is when you aren’t dressed for the occasion. What can help to some extent is a red lip. It will instantly take your look a notch higher and give it a burst of colour.

Swirlster Says: Colorbar’s ‘Hearts ‘N Tarts’ lipstick is a deep rich red that goes well on most Indian skin tones.

5. Perfume

Whether you’re chatting with your colleagues over lunch or speaking at a presentation, working closely with individuals happens constantly at work so it’s nice to smell good throughout the day. To refresh, keep a miniature perfume bottle at your desk or frangrance samples too could work fine.

6. Sanitiser

Whether you’ve just eaten lunch or need clean fingers to handle important files, having hands that are free of oil and dirt are important at work, which is what sanitiser is made for. Plus the fresh scent doesn’t hurt either.

7. Blotting Products

No one likes greasy looking skin, which is often the case sometime post lunch. Since removing one’s makeup and starting over isn’t an option at work, blotting products like sheets or a stick can do the trick. They’ll help soak up oil on top of makeup so that you look fresh even at the end of the day.

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