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15 Apr 2024, Edition - 3198, Monday

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Busting 6 Makeup Myths That You Always Thought Were True



Don’t be fooled by these myths

When it comes to makeup, it’s easy to be tricked into believing something that isn’t true. Sometimes it happens when an eyeliner you thought would give you the winged liner of your dreams leaves you with racoon eyes. Other times, it’s believing myths that are very far from the truth, which happens more frequently than you can imagine. Find out what’s true and what isn’t as we bust these six common makeup myths.

Myth #1 – Makeup Gives You Acne

Possibly the most common myth out there – but this is nothing but an old wives’ tale. Makeup directly does not give you acne. However, if you use expired products or formulas that aren’t suitable for your skin, that’s where the problem begins. Makeup today is highly advanced and even comes infused with enriching ingredients like vitamin E and Argan oil.

Myth #2 – Sharing Products Is Fine

No, it really isn’t. Sharing makeup products or brushes that come in direct contact with your skin can be unhygienic as they pick up skin cells and fluid and transfer them to the next person, which is exactly how bacteria spreads. This isn’t the case with products that don’t require direct contact like foundation with pumps and they can be shared just fine.

Myth #3 – Try Foundation On Your Wrist

When shopping for a new foundation, many advise you to test the right shade on the inner area of your wrist. However, that’s the wrong spot. The inner area of your wrist isn’t as exposed to the sun as much as your face and is probably a few shades lighter as a result. This will lead you to buy foundation that ends up looking pale and ashy on your skin. Instead, test the shade on your neck or jawline instead.

Myth #4 – Makeup Doesn’t Expire

Beauty products aren’t made from magic so yes, they do come with an expiry date. Some within a few months like mascara and other, more resilient ones like eye shadow can last up to a few years. Make sure you check the labels to know just when they do because no one wants to use expired makeup on their face now, do they?

Myth #5 – Expensive Makeup Is Better

Don’t be fooled by fancy packaging and celebrity ambassadors when it comes to makeup because a lot of the time, that’s what expensive makeup does. It’s easy to get pulled into chrome-finished pans and celebrity-filled billboards but in the end, formula is what counts and if it suits your skin and make you look the way you desire, that’s all you need.

Myth #6 – Certain Makeup Shades Aren’t Meant For Dusky Skin

Dusky skinned ladies often feel limited by makeup choices because they are led to believe that certain shades of makeup in products like lipstick or eyeshadow aren’t suited for their skin tone. This isn’t true at all. In the case of shades like pinks and blues which they generally steer clear from, it’s important to understand their undertone and find a shade of pink lipstick or blue shadow that matches that undertone to perfection.

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