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16 Apr 2024, Edition - 3199, Tuesday

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Health & Lifestyle

DIY: Give Your Room A Summer Makeover



Summer vibes are not just for your clothes and food and Instagram. Let’s face it your room requires as much of those vibes as your social media feed does. Your living space should reflect the flavors of the season, because why not? Also, it gives you the time and space to be creative with your own space. Good vibes, airy room, summer feels – they will do wonders not just for the room but also for your soul. We are big on living spaces creating the right energies – and for summer, what with the traffic, the heat, and the greasy face you return with, this becomes even more essential.

So here are a few things you can change about your room to bring in the season of the sun.

1. Paint one wall a bright summer colour

Add a pop of color to your room with a fresh coat of a bright, summery colour – light green, yellow, sky blue and the likes. Fond of pastel colours? Go for it. Just make sure it is only one wall so that the contrast is nice. You can keep the other walls white. And if you want your room to look brighter, airy, you can choose all white too.

2. De-clutter

Another way to make the room look bigger, brighter and spacious is to reduce the amount of things there are – need/use based furniture works well and you can also choose to add a statement piece. If you are going for two tones for the room, maybe one of the furniture pieces can be a the color in contrast with the rest of the room.

3. Add some indoor plants

They cool your room off, they make the air fresh, and they bring along some really positive vibes to the room. You can pot these plants in decorative, colorful pots that are easily available all around and look quite cute.

4. Flowy, light-coloured curtains

Another pop of colour for your room – you can choose a bright colour but the fabric can be a little on the thicker side (khadi cotton, cotton) so that the sunlight and the heat stays out. You can also opt for sheer white curtains.

5. Flower power

We think flowers are mightily under rated. It feels like ages ago when people used to actually get freshly cut flowers for their home and for people. It is something that needs to be brought back. Flowers for summer may not be “groundbreaking” but they sure bring in the right vibes.

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