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24 Jan 2018, Edition - 925, Wednesday


  • HeenaGambhir tells you about the increasing rise in fuel prices and its impact on the common man
  • Government can’t object to anybody unfurling the Indian flag, says BJP Leader Subramanian Swamy
  • RSS is free to hoist the tricolor in its office, says D. Raja, CPI LeftHijacksTirangaa
  • Senior citizen being dragged out of District Magistrate’s office in Sitapur Distict of UP
  • PM is not the only one responsible for the GDP growth, says Salman Khurshid, Congress
  • Politicians react to the fringe’s protest against Padmaavat #PadmaavatTest
  • Sensex hits 36,162.62 level as Nifty is at 11.069.35 mark
  • Newly appointed CEC OP Rawat on #OneIndiaOnePoll
  • The directive was nothing more than a political vendetta, says V. Muraleedharan, BJP
  • Politicians react to Shiv Sena’s decision to go solo for the 2019 elections

Health Matters

Have you lost the will to have sex? You aren’t the only one

Covai Post Network

Sex intrigues everyone, whether it is a teenager who’s trying to figure out the world, catching blue films at late night or the seasoned man who is trying to better himself in bed. And if reports are to be believed, then men have sex on their mind 24/7 and that’s natural. Just as anticipating a good sex is natural, similarly, at some point, the desire to do it diminishes–and that’s natural.

Losing interest in sex is a common phenomenon. My friend who used to be proud of an active sex life has lost interest after the birth of her first child. She quipped, “I don’t even feel like caressing now. That excitement has left me. I am more into my children now,” says Mana Kumar.

According to a study conducted by BMJ open, which is an online journal, 15% men and 34% women confessed having lost interest in sex. The sample size included 4839 men and approx 6500 women in the age group of 16 to 74 years who have an active sex life.

Some get worried attributing this to a physical disorder, but factors responsible for losing interest can be anything from age to mental or physical well being. “In Indian society, women lose interest in sex or shy away after their first child. They get involved with their children and their physical pleasures are relegated to the background,” says Rani Sharma, a mother of two. She laughs, “Also, in our society, we tend to brush sex under the carpet. We may produce one child after the other, but sex is still a taboo. So, after a few years, one is supposed to concentrate on more pious things and not on sex.”

Age also plays a very big factor in maintaining a good sex life. ANd if you have had a bad experience with sex or your partner, then that is bound to play the spoiler. “People who have been diagnosed with sexually transmitted infections get vary of sex. And is there are incidents that haunt you, surely you will be resisting the act,” says Dr Mukut Bhowmik.

The ways to revive interest is fairly simple. Just the basic acts of holding hands, cuddling can bring in the spark back into your life.