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14 Apr 2024, Edition - 3197, Sunday

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  • Election commission allots mike symbol to Naam Thamizhar Katchi
  • AIADMK promises to urge for AIIMS in Coimbatore, in its election manifesto.
  • Ponmudi becomes higher education minister.

Health Matters

Stop Believing In These Myths The Beauty Industry Has Told You



Taking proper care of your skin can surely be a tricky business, especially when there are numerous facts/myths floating around what age-group of people should use which skincare products, what kind of products should people with a darker/lighter complexion use, make-up is not healthy for your skin, etc. However, a lot of these are merely rumours, without the backing of any specific kind of scientific research. Read more to know some of the most common beauty myths that you have been listening all your life:

Myth 1: Choose skincare products according to your age

One must never forget that age is not a ‘skin type’. For instance, someone at the age of 50 can have similar skincare concerns like someone at the age of 30. They can both have oily or dry skin and age has nothing to do with their skin conditions.

Myth 2: Age spots are simply a fact of getting older

One develops an uneven skin tone and brown spots, not because of age, but because of environmental pollution.

These spots can show up at any age. For lightening such stubborn dark spots, products containing hydroquinone should be used. Also, people with dark spots should use products that are rich in Vitamin C and a strong sun-block throughout the year.

Myth 3: Your acne will eventually outgrow

Adults in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and even 60s can have acne, and so can teenagers, and the products needed to control it are the same. Acne triggers are not dependent on age. Also, having a clear skin at teenage does not guarantee acne-free skin on growing up. Acne must be treated with creams with non-irritating formulas.

Myth 4: Makeup causes acne

There’s no scientific research that proves that make-up causes acne. Make-up is not harmful for your skin. But removing make-up properly is very important, because your skin needs to breathe. Also, sleeping with make-up on can increase chances of acne.

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