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12 Apr 2024, Edition - 3195, Friday

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Here’s a Guide to the Safety and Security You Enjoy With a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit

by businesswireindia.com

Business Wire India
Regular investing is essential in terms of wealth building, be it for an important goal in the future or an emergency fund. Among many investment avenues available, fixed deposits are valuable as they provide an ideal environment for your savings to grow in and are unaffected by market fluctuations. Additionally, when you invest with issuers such as Bajaj Finance, your corpus is backed by excellent stability ratings and so, you can expect to take home handsome profits at maturity. 
Read on to know more about the financial security you enjoy with Fixed Deposit offered by Bajaj Finance Limited, the lending and investment arm of Bajaj Finserv.
Benefit from timely and assured returns on your deposit 
When you invest in a Bajaj Finance FD, you are assured of earning returns at maturity as the deposit has secured ratings that speak for a default-free experience. The FD has MAAA ratings by ICRA as well as FAAA ratings by CRISIL, both of which are indicative of stability and credibility and are the highest in their respective categories. Further, Bajaj Finance is the only NBFC in India with an international rating of ‘BBB-’ by S&P Global. These put together ensure timely interest payouts.
Get a fixed rate of interest without worrying about market variables
What makes a fixed deposit a popular investment tool in India is that it remains unaffected by market volatility. As market fluctuations do not impact FD yields, FDs provide an excellent means to grow your corpus reliably through both, short and long investment windows. Additionally, Bajaj Finance offers a fixed and competitive interest rate of up to 8.35% for senior citizens and up to 8.10% for regular customers on FDs booked for at least 36 months, with interest payable at maturity. You thus get the combined benefit of good stability ratings and generous interest rates.
Achieve goals by investing over a flexible tenor
Bajaj Finance allows you to invest over a tenor ranging between 12 months and 60 months and this facility adds to the financial security you enjoy with this instrument. You can use the flexible tenor to intelligently tailor your interest earnings to your goals. However, do note that long-tenor investments attract higher rates of interest and so, also bring in greater returns owing to the effect of compounding. To help you choose a convenient tenor, use the online FD calculator. The tool is fairly easy to work with and it displays interest payouts as well as maturity amounts accurately, within seconds.
To better understand your potential earnings, consider the following example when you invest as a new customer.
Deposit Tenor Interest rate Interest earned Maturity amount
Rs.10 lakh 1 year 7.6% Rs.76,000 Rs.10,76,000
Rs.10 lakh 2 years 7.9% Rs.1,64,241 Rs.11,64,241
Rs.10 lakh 3 years 8.1% Rs.2,63,214 Rs.12,63,214
Rs.10 lakh 4 years 8.1% Rs.3,65,535 Rs.13,65,535
Rs.10 lakh 5 years 8.1% Rs.4,76,143 Rs.14,76,143
Use the Multi-Deposit and Auto-Renewal facility for added financial flexibility
To allow you to ladder investments and address different goals efficiently, Bajaj Finance offers the Multi-Deposit facility. Here, you can invest in several deposits, each with a tenor of your choice, via single cheque payment. In case of financial emergencies like medical complications, you can withdraw from a single deposit prematurely, while letting the others grow unaffected.
Further, to enjoy financial security for goals that exceed the investment window, opt for the Auto-Renewal facility. Here, you can reinvest easily and also benefit from FD renewal rates automatically without any added intervention.
All of the above-mentioned facets indicate the safety you enjoy with a Bajaj Finance FD and help you build a secure financial foundation. To open an FD quickly, simply fill in the online FD form and wait for an authorised representative to get in contact with you.
Source: Businesswire