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10 Dec 2023, Edition - 3071, Sunday

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One Data Platform to Rule Them All – Introducing Workbench by Fynd

by businesswireindia.com

Business Wire India
Fynd, the unique fashion e-commerce portal is now spreading its wings not just in the omnichannel shopping space but also in the B2B space by offering a unique Data and ML product suite for data community. The fashion e-commerce portal has launched a public beta of its completely in-house self-serve data-workspace called Workbench. It is a suite of products designed for the data community to build, share and manage data and machine learning projects at any scale. The idea is to democratize data and eliminate third-party dependency for the business users to access, analyze and share important data.

Fynd has initially released its first data product InstAPI from the suite. InstAPI is a platform to connect, explore and query any data source. It enables data analysts and business users to create and share queries as APIs. Hence, users can automate their workflow with an inbuilt scheduler and third-party integrations. Several companies with large and many data sources come across this unique challenge with respect to data variety, accessibility, discovery, and sharing. Business users are responsible for maintaining data sanity, defining business logic/rules and generating insights, etc. However, their daily tasks are restricted by the dependency on engineers for the smallest of the changes. With Workbench, business users no longer need to be dependent on them and can now easily define business rules and create APIs in real time.

Fynd has designed a platform that is simple enough to be used by business users/analysts across any domain. It provides ease of data access, discovery, sharing notifications and instant activation of business rules with zero production downtime and no developer involvement.

Commenting on Workbench, Farooq Adam, Co-founder, Fynd said, “We have huge ambitions here! We are actively commercializing our internal data and ML products that can compete with the best in the world. In fact, each of these products is built to solve a problem at hand at Fynd. The aim is to empower and make business users the owners of the data. And, in the process to enable the developers to move on to solve the next set of problems.”

In the future, Fynd plans to launch more such data and ML-based products which the firm has been using internally at Fynd.

"Liked the concept or want to give the tool a shot? You can register for the limited public beta version release of the tool at https://wb.fynd.com."
Source: Businesswire