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22 Oct 2018, Edition - 1196, Monday


  • PMO summons CBI Chief and Special Director
  • Asthana, who is number two in the CBI’s hierarchy, has been booked in a bribery case by the agency in Moin Qureshi graft probe
  • Supreme court will take the decision on the hearing of 19 review Petition in Sabarimala case tomorrow
  • PIL has been submitted for CBI inquiry in Amritsar incident, approval awaited
  • Earthquake of magnitude 3.0 hit Himachal Pradesh’s Kinnaur at 9:11 am today
  • My government fixing one family’s mistakes, giving credit to leaders like Bose: PM Modi
  • CBI chief trying to frame me, special director Rakesh Asthana wrote to CVC
  • Government plans exam to recruit 6,000 judges for lower courts
  • Petrol pump owners are on a 24-hour strike in New Delhi

Tamilnadu News

Satire, pun rule social media on 1st De-mon anniversary

Vignesh Vijayakumar

This day last year, demonetisation, the BJP government’s major economic move, befell on the people of the country like a demon. Higher denomination currencies of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 were demonetised by just a single announcement by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself, and without any notice.

It came as a rude shock to the people who had to undergo untold hardship for days together. New Rs 2000 and later Rs 500 were introduced and people had to hop from one ATM to another and one bank to another to exchange demonetised currencies.

Hence, the first anniversary of demonetisation served as the best occasion for them to recall their travails and keep memories alive.

Opposition Congress set the ball rolling by announcing that the first demonetisation anniversary would be observed as black day across the country and other parties, including DMK, followed suit.

Social media users picked it up and started updating their statuses right from the break of dawn with sharp remarks on the note ban, even as the Central Government celebrated it as ‘Anti-black money day’.

Memes, both in images and videos, flooded the social media. One meme had the popular interview scene between Arjun and Raghuvaran from the film ‘Muthalvan’ where the former shows old Rs.1000 and Rs.500 notes to the latter and asks “Nyabagamirukka” meaning do you remember, to which Raghuvaran, who is tagged Modi, replies “Engayo partha mathri irukku” meaning seems like I have seen it somewhere.

Another meme showed a scene from ‘Vikram Vedha’ film, where Madhavan shoots a fellow police officer to suppress a fake encounter, to send across a message that the black money hoarders are shot. In the meme, the police officer is depicted as ‘black money hoarder’, the policeman holding his hand as the State Government and Madhavan as the Central Government. Black money hoarders shout to the State Government, “Nangale amaidiya irukom unakku (State Government) enna,” meaning what is your problem when we ourselves are silent.

Another meme had the lyrics of a popular Tamil song “un panam panam, en panam panam, en panam un panam” (My money is yours and your money is mine).

There were umpteen others showing the disastrous side of note ban. That the nature of memes is to show even a serious issue in a lighter vein so that the message conveyed reaches even a layperson and is enjoyed too, the day that trended as #EconomicDisasterDay ended as one filled with satire and pun.