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30 May 2024, Edition - 3243, Thursday

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Top Business ideas in Chennai

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India is going through tough times nowadays and there are lots of people losing jobs daily. Moreover, there isn’t much that can be done after a person loses his or her job suddenly. When people who are working steadily and aren’t expecting to lose their jobs get unemployed suddenly, the really isn’t much he or she can do about it, nor can the person think clearly about his or her next move, so as to keep his or her family unscathed.
Also, these days, a lot of young minds are graduating and the availability of jobs is limited. Hence, a good percentage of youngsters are moving towards creating their own establishments and being self-employed. But still, even though these people want to start their own businesses, some of them do not have the slightest ideas regarding what their work is going to be about.

Hence, to solve all such problems, here is a list of business ideas that the people in Chennai can think about.

1.Pet Shop and Pet Care Service

Who doesn’t love pets? Almost 70% of households in Chennai today have pets. Hence, all of these people need pet care services and for that they need pet shops.

Starting a pet shop is one of the most profitable businesses in Chennai. This doesn’t even require much capital to be invested. The steps are:

a.Search for agood location for setting-up a store and also get a website designed for the same.

b.There are very few companies that sell pets online. Hence the competition is very little.

c.Contact the wholesaler and place order for the pets which are in high demand in the area.

d.Use advertising media such as newspapers, search engines, magazines, flyers, etc. for getting the shop advertised.

e.Start receiving clients.

Combine your efforts with a business loan in Chennai. You can relax; no emergency will interrupt the growth of your business.

2.IT Service

As a matter of fact, Chennai is the second largest exporter of information technology in India. If this is the field where anyone wishes to start a business in Chennai, then he or she wouldn’t have worry about profits.
The steps that can be followed are:

a.There are a lot of options in the information technology industry for starting up a business. A person needs to choose the one which he or she can easily handle and work on.

b.There are a lot of freshers and experienced people out there who are looking for jobs in the IT industry. Hire some of these talented fellows.

c.Contact some of the medium-sized IT firms for contracts and deals.

d.See to it that you have the funding required when times get tough. It may happen any time. The best option is to apply for a business loan in Chennai.

e.Voila! Start earning!

3.Website for Social Influencers

Social influencers are popular on social media like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc. and have a great impact on the society.

Now, many big brands need such social influencers to feature in advertisements related to the promotion of their brand and products, and these people also get a lot of money to get featured in there. Hence, designing a website which will help such big brands getting in touch with the social influencers is a pretty good business. The steps are:

a.Hire a developer and get a website created and designed.

b.Contact a social media influencer. A medium-level social influencer will agree to get in touch quickly.

c.Add these social influencers to the website and add all the details like their social media account, their work, their no. of followers, etc. to the website.

d.Advertise them and collect money from brands for getting in touch with them.


A lot of outlets and chains offer their franchise to people who are willing to accept the terms and conditions of that particular brand. The most important thing here is that when starting a franchise, there is no requirement of any sort of advertisement. The brand is already famous enough to attract customers on its own.Steps that can be followed are:

a.Select a niche.

Decide the segment on which the franchise needs to be obtained, for example, food, clothing, accessories, etc.

b.Find the franchiser.

Just google the name of the brand and type in the need of franchisers. Many options will be made available.
A good franchiser will make all of the work easy.

c.Agreement creation and acceptance.

Choose the time period for which the franchise is going to be run.


Royalty money, service fees and management fees need to be paid.


All the training required to run the franchise will be provided by the franchiser.
You won’t even have to worry about finances. Franchisers that offer business loans in Chennai at low interests abound in number. It is highly recommended that you get from them. They know the possibilities and will work with you.

5.Tempered Glass manufacturing

Manufacturing of tempered glass is one of the best businesses one can start in Chennai. Its growth rate is touching the sky. It is all happening because of the enormous number of smartphones that are sold every day.
In 2017 almost 3 cores of smartphones were sold in India alone. Every customer also bought tempered glass along with it. And almost every people buy at least 2 tempered glasses in one year.

By starting manufacturing of tempered glass, a lot of money can be easily made. It is a very profitable business in Chennai. And if funding is an issue, you can happily take a business loan in Chennai.

The best thing about this business isthe tempered glass can even be manufactured inhomes.

6.Maid service

In today’s modern world, almost everybody requires a maid to keep their household neat, clean, tidy, and in a hygienic condition. But, finding the proper and suitable maid is one of the most difficult tasks that a family has to do.

Hence, one idea is to start a maid service company, which will provide maids to all families that require one. The steps that can be followed are:

a.Finding maids:

Usually, women willing to work as maids can be found in slum areas or nearby villages.

b.Getting a website portal:

A website developer can be easily found in Chennai. Approach the person and get a website portal designed.
c.Get clients:

Through the website and other advertising media, get in touch with clients and voila! You have gotten yourself a business!

You may also apply for a business loan in Chennai. This makes sure that you have sufficient funding to expand your operations when time comes.

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