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14 Apr 2024, Edition - 3197, Sunday

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A reiki healer from Coimbatore who offers new hopes for health and happiness

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International reiki master Shankar Kumbrot has been healing patients when all doors of conventional medical science had shut on them.

Coimbatore : Shankar Kumbrot holds a crystal pendulum gently over a piece of paper that has a yes or no ‘meter’ drawn on it. This reiki healer from Coimbatore asks a question on behalf of a client and reads the pendulum carefully as it gently swings towards ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or somewhere close to either of the answers, ‘metering’ the response accurately.

He has just applied a ‘dowsing’ system that has been credited with using the energy waves and vibrations to help the healer arrive at the answer sought by the seeker.

This is just one of the simple techniques employed by Shankar to find solutions for health problems ranging from schizophrenia, cancer and diabetes to tuberculosis. An international reiki master, Kumbrot has been healing patients when all doors of conventional medical science had shut on them.

Seventy-year-old Shankar Kumbrot, who was a mechanical maintenance engineer, was driven to learning reiki after he himself was afflicted with asthma contracted through chemical fumes in the factories he worked in.

“I want to heal as many people as I can, and those I have cured are leading a better life now, freed from the suffering, and this is my biggest reward and encouragement,” said Shankar Kumbrot, who blends reiki with mantras, wheatgrass therapy and uses the power from Sai Sanjeevani, to heal patients.

Speaking to Covai Post, interrupted by calls from patients, Kumbrot said, “Negativity is the biggest obstacle to human happiness, and with the help of reiki this can be removed, freeing the person from not just illnesses but also from financial difficulties and quarrelsome environment.”

The healer, who provides a great deal of counselling for his patients, said he can energise a house anywhere in the world and remove the negativity just with the help of the address and name of the house, if any.

Chennai-based Dr V Sukumaran, who was his teacher, recommended Shankar to handle a case of advanced brain tumour. “The patient, who is a lady from family of doctors in Mumbai, travelled to London to get her condition treated, but unfortunately got no relief even after a surgery,” said the healer.

When she was advised a second surgery in the US after the tumour recurred, and this time in a complicated place, the family approached Rao, who in turn directed them to Shankar.

Shankar started treating her with reiki several hours a day, which was a “challenge”.

“Her intensity of the symptoms started reducing”, said Shankar Kumbrot, adding, “with the headache and fever completing vanishing at the end of one month.”

Reiki is life force energy, said Shankar, and with no a single dose of medicine or its side effects, the lady was healed and there was no trace of tumour when she visited England again to confirm her improved condition.

Shankar Kumbrot, who meditates many hours a day and builds an aura of energy around him to strengthen and maintain his healing capacity, said: “Sometimes, it’s enough if a person’s faith is healed – it doubles the rate of healing.”

A mother, whose movement was restricted due to muscular wasting, was at a juncture in life, where she was not sure if she would be able to attend her daughter’s wedding.

“After some months of ‘distance’ reiki healing, the mother could gather the strength to travel and give her daughter in marriage,” said Kumbrot.

“This is a classic case of healing the illness along with strengthening faith.”

A 76-year-old accountant was suffering from body pain so much so that he could only sit and sleep for months. “There is not a treatment I didn’t try, spent almost 5 lakhs on various hospitals, but there was no relief, till I heard about Shankar Kumbrot.”

The patient, who was on sleeping pills for a very long time, is now able to sleep properly with his pain having reduced a great deal.

Kumbrot said that there was also a case where he ‘extended’ the life of a person written off by allopathic doctors. “An 83-year-old blood cancer patient in the US, who was regularly undergoing blood transfusions, was given 15 days to live after treatment was exhausted.”

Shankar Kumbrot started intense reiki treatment for him every day, and the father who returned to India to live with his daughter, went on to live for three more years.

Reiki master C N Rao predicted through dowsing method that Shankar Kumbrot was a born healer. Under Rao’s guidance, he along with many other reiki enthusiasts, he mastered the use of important reiki symbols to heal blood cancer.

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