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23 May 2024, Edition - 3236, Thursday

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Bharat Should Commit To Become A Leader Of Inclusiveness In The World: Sadhguru’s Message On 77th Independence Day

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In his Independence Day message, Sadhguru explains what has made Bharat bounce back despite being ravaged for the last 800-900 years.

“In the last 800 to 900 years, we’ve been ravaged like no other nation on the planet. When we talk about genocides, we speak about Genghis Khan, the Native American tribes or the African people being enslaved and of course Adolf Hitler’s mechanised way of destroying people. But I must remind you, in terms of both numbers and the atrocious nature of what was done, no nation has seen as much ravaging as Bharat,” reminded Sadhguru in his Independence Day speech from the iconic 112-feet Adiyogi at Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore.

Despite its long period of enslavement, the country retained its culture and has strongly bounced back in terms of economic growth and human development. Explaining the reason behind this achievement, Sadhguru highlighted, “Despite many things that have happened, people retained their spirit. And this spirit is not a fighting spirit. That is the beautiful nature of India. This is just a living spirit. Normally, nations preserve themselves with a strong sense of fighting spirit. Here we have no fighting spirit, we don’t want to fight we just want to live and we want everybody to live.”

Explaining the way forward for the country, Sadhguru said, “The time of embrace has come. This is a civilization which has always been a civilization of embrace, wanting to embrace the world, with our culture, with our music, with our science, with our business and above all our spiritual process. This is the way to influence the world.”

“Everybody is talking about how to spread the signs of well-being. It is from this that International Yoga Day was born. And today it has become a global phenomenon…this is the slow blossoming of the flower of Bharat. The fragrance of Bharat is enchanting and nobody can refuse it if it is presented properly. So what we need is not that it does not need fighting spirit. It should be the spirit of life, the spirit of blossoming into the highest possibility because that’s been our way that should be our way in future.”

Echoing similar views, Sadhguru in his Independence Day video message said, “India is taking its place among the comity of nations and is becoming a source of guidance for the world in economics, development and environment. At a time like this, it is very important that we the citizens of Bharat also equip ourselves as individuals, to become a source of clarity and inspiration for every human being on the planet.”

As a generation of people, we have hit the peak of technology due to which we have created enormous empowerment. However, Sadhguru pointed out that “if we do not become conscious citizens of this nation, then our own intelligence, our own capabilities can turn against us.”

“So on this Independence Day, let’s commit to create that inclusiveness, be a leader of that inclusiveness in the world, create a nation and a world that is inclusive in nature and works for everybody’s well-being and creates the best possibility for every life on this planet,” pressed Sadhguru.

“One Earth, One Family, One Future: this is our motto, let’s make this happen. Let us commit to creating this on this Independence Day,” ended Sadhguru referring to the theme of India’s G20 presidency.

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