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16 Apr 2024, Edition - 3199, Tuesday

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Christmas sale? Beware of these tricks while doing your online shopping

Indrani Thakurata

Image credit : Illustrative Image


The festive month is near and you can’t wait for Christmas and New year, Sale. Yes, we are all waiting for the mega sale that happens during that time of the year. Don’t know if it is the festive mood that makes us splurge or the slash in prices. And sometimes, in a rush to avail offers we ignore or sidestep the hidden costs, the design behind the sale or the traps that are so blatant. We are all for, a bag full of goodies, but it is good to be aware of the tricks and traps that e-taliers use to empty your wallet.

Often on, advertisements will claim something very far from reality. You will jump with joy at 50% sale, while it is upto 50%. The prices will be inflated to give you that discount and in our rush to avail bumper offers, we will completely ignore the design of such a move. It is advisable to verify the hidden cost or the catch behind such an ad. Also, most times you will be able to avail an offer only if you possess a particular bank card or in lieu of something.

Understand one thing, your exchange offers are good when you are desperately trying to get rid of an item and will readily agree for any price. But if it is something that you want to sell at a good price, then don’t jump at these sale offers. Because you may end up giving it at a throw away price.

The best way of tempt is to surround your thoughts, and that’s exactly what these constant mails, pop ups and msgs do to you. They become so familiar that you don’t think twice before putting them in basket or going for it. While buying air tickets, we often jump with joy looking at the ads. But when we actually go to the site to buy it, then we realise that he price showing up was only the base price and not the final price. So, these tactics are employed to fool the customers and make splurge.

Mostly last day of sales is never the last one, it always gets extended. Also, 2 hour windows to avail the best offers are great ways to work-up the customers. Most times,in a rush you may end up buying something that you may not need or want. Also, in a rush, you may not do your due diligence.

While buying a sari, you may have noticed the pop-ups that tells you ’11 people have bought it already’ Similarly, many online and offline sales flash ‘Only 5 items left’ signs to force you to take action and loosen your purse strings.

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