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30 Sep 2022, Edition - 2635, Friday

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Concern grows over violence against pet animals

Kavya N


Coimbatore: A woman from Goa caught public attention for her violence towards her pet dog. A woman in a local fish market, she had pierced not only the ears of her pet dog but also its nose to decorate them with rings.

Cruelty towards animals has its own levels of violence and several of these violators do not get punished.

Animal branding or livestock branding has a history going back to at least 4,700 years. “Branding cows with tags and other identity cards helps to analyse when they were last vaccinated. But this culture of piercing pet animals for fashion or social standard has been emerging od late in the country,” says veterinarian Dr P Sabapathy.

Under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960, beating, kicking, overloading or torturing animals is an offence. But the punishment is just a fine of Rs 10 which can extend up to Rs 50. This is suspected to be another reason why animals are treated so cruelly.

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“I basically think because these owners also treat their pets as fellow human beings and that they can also suffer the pain. Such cruelty should never be allowed. These poor animals should be safeguarded from such domesticated violence in future,” said animal welfare activist Kalpana Vasudevan.

She felt immediate action should be taken against people who practise such violence on animals. They must be given a warning initially and if they still practise such cruel deeds, the pet should be taken under the control of the animal welfare board and given proper care.

“Anyone who tends to impose physical violence on such living creatures should be punished severally. These kinds of violence should never be encouraged. Just because the dog cannot speak it is not necessary that it should be tortured,” says a pet breeder R.Deepak.

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