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20 Jul 2024, Edition - 3294, Saturday

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Guidance to the pregnant for healthy motherhood catching up in Coimbatore

Kavya N

Image credit : Illustrative image


Coimbatore: Carrying women can now stay healthy till and after childbirth. Thanks to modernisation and development supplemented with easy exercises and health diet.

Caesarean, inevitable in case of complications,was a common medical practice for long. But, of late it has left fears of side effects, “Yoga and a full fledged diet with exercises if followed creates more chances of normal pregnancies,” says N Yazhini, of MA Lamaze Pregnancy Studio in Coimbatore.

While these yoga classes and new trends which young mother’s follow point to women in olden days being more prepared and healthy during their pregnancy period. “I lived in a big joint family were we had regular daily routines that made our body flexible which was more than enough for the pelvic glands to expand for the baby to come out during labour,” says P. Parvathy, 74.

“When you live in a big family you will have elders with kids who actually will have experience of their labour. They share things to help you overcome fears and be mentally prepared. Elders those days would make you do daily household chores which are basically some healthy activities for the body. I also feel that young mothers these days having very little physical house chores and are grown up in nuclear families where there is no one who can actually help them face problems,” she adds.

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Women visiting these centres for regular classes are offered a variety of courses from nutrient content that they should take to how they can connect with their babies in the womb. Pre and post-labour parenting are also a part of these classes. It is advised that pregnant women after their third month attend a six-week programme.

“The best part of attending these classes is the attention and knowledge you get. We also give role plays as a part of these courses which helps the mother overcome the fear of labour and and other taruma that young mothers undergo these days,” says Yazhini.

“I learnt a lot of things during these classes at the time of my pregnancy. This gave me a proper understanding and a clear idea about the do’s and don’ts during pregnancy. Exercises i did during my classes helped me overcome my fear of labour,” says young mother N Priya.

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