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17 Apr 2024, Edition - 3200, Wednesday

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Textile mill owners doubtful, anxious about resurrection process

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Coimbatore :The Te measures a nnounced by the Finance Ministry and the RBI though sound lucrative and reassuring to revive the lost hope and belief of various textile mill owners. the majority of the mill owners are still doubtful and anxious about the possibilities of the resurrection
processes happening to the ground level, South India Spinners Association (SISPA) claimed Saturday.

In a statement titled “Darker Side of Covid-19 Impact on Textile Mills” SISPA President, N Murugesan said that the main request of all the industries to the Government was to waiver of interests for a period of six months along with interest subvention for one year to facilitate the revival of the industries to which no heed was paid.

The measures taken to grant loans by banks to industries are another burdenbto the heavily depleted industries as the monthly repayments become higher than the already existing payments at a time when the markets for large scale demand and supply are not in favour of the same, he said

The textile industry that forms the backbone of the industrial sector is receiving the wrath of the governmental regulations at a time when it needs all the support.

All the textile mill owners despite exhausting their long-time savings are at the crunch of their time to look up to the government to help them reach the light at the end of the tunnel, Murugesan said.

“On 24 March, 2020 the Government of India under Prime MinisterbNarendra Modi ordered a nationwide lock down for 21 days, limiting movement of the entire 1.3 billion population of India as a preventive measure against the
COVID-19 pandemic in India,” he said.

Stating that all the industrialists as they were forced to shut down their industries for a period of 21 days which was extended to another 45 days,he said that the textile mills that operated 24 hours a day throughout the year were now witnessing a never seen before lockdown.

With both the Central and the State governments requesting allbthe industries to take care of their migrant workers and also as a form of giving back to the migrant workers who form the backbone of the working sector in all textile mills.

All the mills provided free food, water and housing to all thebmigrant workers for the entire period of the lockdown.

With the recent lockdown relaxations, the migrant workers started to go back to their respective states due to uncertainty of the pandemic
Covid-19 and the mills have no alternative resources and are completely devastated as they have no idea when they can reopen their production activities as the majority of the workforce were migrant labours.

The future for the textile mill owners despite catering to the migrant with the best amenities possible, look unrealistic for future operations until the workers return.

The State EB Department imposed another ludicrous fine on the already financially burdened textile mills for non-utilization of power and thee mills were sent bills for the month of April, with a 90 per cent payment of MD charges and a hefty fine for not maintaining the Power Factor.

This was completely unreasonable as the textile mills did not shut down to cater to their own interests but followed the Government’s orders to
cater to the pandemic. When the textile mills owners were expecting to pay only for the utilized power, the bills from EB Department hit hard on the mill owners and their livelihoods, he pointed.

The textile mills have now taken this judicial system to fight for this unfair and mercenary decision by the Government, which was not expected during such troubled times for the entire Textile Industry, Murugesan added.

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