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06 Jul 2020, Edition - 1819, Monday

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Top IT Careers Suitable for Microsoft Exam 70-417: How to Pass the Test Using Exam Dumps?

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There’s so much going on in the realm of information technology nowadays. Trends and updates are everywhere, so as new certification programs and exams. But even with all the changes, there are only limited organizations that have kept up with the competition. And these include the IT conglomerate, Microsoft.
Because of Microsoft’s global reputation, its products and services, including certification programs are truly top-notch. And part of their most in-demand Microsoft credentials is no other than MCSA Windows Server 2012. This specific badge is one of the few MCSA validations still available on the market. Many have been retired because of the incorporation of the new role-based certifications. However, a few are still being offered because of its continued relevance to the industry.


And if you are wondering what happens after you secure this MCSA certification, well, you will become a trained professional for a specific job role. And these are two of the most suitable careers waiting for you upon completion of your MCSA exam 70-417.

1.Computer network specialist

Only a few people can expertly manage and maneuver complex computer and network aspects. These include tasks such as installing network computers, gathering network performance data, ensuring network security, troubleshooting network concerns, conducting server backup, and performing network maintenance. And the people behind these challenging responsibilities are the computer network specialists. Most of these professionals work on a help desk, providing services to both internal and external network issues.


2.Computer systems administrator

On the other hand, there’s the computer systems administrator. This job is pretty similar to being a computer network specialist, but with added responsibility. Aside from being just an expert, you have to maintain and manage the workflow and ensure that everything within the network is in tip-top condition. In addition, you have to deal with your subordinates in making certain that the computer systems and all its related components are working well.

Transform into a computer expert with Microsoft exam 70-417

The role of a computer network specialist and a computer systems administrator is highly vital in an organization. Hence, employers require not just education and experience; they need an instrumental validation of your skills through certifications.
And with Microsoft exam 70-417, it will now be easier for you to do all these tasks in a Windows Server 2012 environment. The exam is your gateway to earning an MCSA Windows Server 2012, which is undeniably one of the best representations of your expertise in key Windows Server 2012 infrastructure and technologies.


But what really is exam 70-417?

It’s technically a concoction of three, individual tests. So, if you prefer taking a composite exam, this is the answer. To give you a little background, the three cert exams cover specific technical skills about Windows Server 2012. The first one is exam 70-410, which is meant to deepen your ability in implementing and designing networking services and Active Directory (AD). The second is 70-411, which responds to your proficiency in dealing with administrative aspects, including data security, network access, network policy server, and user & group management. The third exam is 70-412, which deals with how effective you are in terms of complex configuration features such as high availability, storage solutions, fault tolerance, identify federation, and business recovery.

Know the scheduled changes within the Microsoft certification track

It’s crucial to know the availability of this Microsoft certification exam. Since Microsoft is leaning towards role-based validations of your skills, this exam is set to be retired on June 30, 2020. Upon retirement, a new technical credential will be presented as a replacement. So, before this remarkable certification exam is withdrawn, make sure you secure it. And if you’re eyeing to take the exam anytime soon, here’s a secret tip that you should add to your exam preparation.

Ace your MCSA certification exam with exam dumps

When pursuing a certification, there’s no room for lazing around. You need to be laser focus on your study so you’ll cover all exam objectives. It’s not easy, yes, but it’s totally manageable. The most important thing, however, is using the right materials for your exam. For exam 70-417, you won’t go wrong with Microsoft-endorsed resources. These include Exam Ref, instructor-led training, and practice test.


Though the above-mentioned materials are beneficial, you shouldn’t limit your resources. Be ingenious and try other references that will help you expand your learning. And one website that deserves a mention is no other than ExamSnap.com. This is a noteworthy platform when it comes to assessing how ready you are to take your cert exam.
ExamSnap, in particular, offers two types of exam materials for exam 70-417. Firstly, they have free vce files that you can utilize to practice your technical prowess without breaking the bank. Secondly, they offer a paid bundle, which is a premium collection consisting of upgraded VCE practice tests, training lectures, and even exam guides. This package has been verified and compiled by IT experts. So, if you are looking for a remarkable supplementary material, ExamSnap.com can be your go-to website.


If you’re the type of individual who loves working with complex computer issues, pursuing the MCSA Windows Server 2012 certification might just be one of the best decisions in your life. Aside from filling your passion for networks and such, this credential could be the game-changer of your career. In this era where various technological trends are constantly introduced, it really pays off to have a certification to back you up. Always remember that the IT industry can be exciting and dynamic, but it can also be very challenging. So, give your best shot and study diligently using the most dependable exam dumps from ExamSnap for your Microsoft exam 70-417!

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